Naoki Yoshida: There is an asteroid named after the designer of FF14

Naoki Yoshida ha un asteroide a suo nome: ecco il motivo thumbnail

The producer and director of Final Fantasy 14 Naoki Yoshida now has a asteroid baptized in his name. A Reddit user named it gave the name to this space rock Rukongai who explained that he had the possibility to give a name to a celestial body and chose Yoshidanaoki. The designer deserves credit for saving the FF14 project, and is much loved by the game community.

Naoki Yoshida now has an asteroid to her name

Yoshida is undoubtedly the face of FF14, given that he deserves the credit for having saved the MMOJRPG from the inexorable decline into which it has sunk practically since its release. If now FF14 is a video game appreciated and still played by millions of players, it is certainly thanks to his brilliant ideas and his hard work. So it’s no surprise that some fans are willing to go crazy for him.

Rukongai called the asteroid “Yoshidanaoki” as early as last January, but the new batch of approved names for minor planets (including Yoshidanaoki) was announced by WGSBN on April 11. Rukongai chose the name as a half-quote to Endwalker, the latest FF14 expansion that takes players into space and includes a lot of sci fi elements within it.

According to the Minor Planet Center, Yoshidanaoki was first spotted on September 25, 2006, about a year and a half after developer Naoki Yoshida joined Square Enix. At the time, the designer was still working on the Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road series and FFXIV had not yet been released.

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