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Napoleon, the extended cut will be four and a half hours

Ridley Scott has confirmed that his Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix, in theaters from November, will have a four and a half hour extended cut

While Napoleon is about to hit the big Italian screens, director Ridley Scott confirms that there is one extended cut and that this has an epic duration: four and a half hours. It is not known if it will ever see the light, but the director hopes that Apple will make it available sooner or later in some way.

Napoleon by Ridley Scottwhere the general and emperor is played by Joaquin Phoenix, will arrive in cinemas on November 23rd in a 158-minute version: as it was imaginable, however, Ridley Scott shot much more. The director confessed to Empire that there is a much longer version of the epic film, where some aspects of the great personality of the historical character are explored. Scott hopes that Apple, behind the production of the feature film, decides to make it visible to the public, perhaps in exclusive streaming on Apple TV+ further on.

Ridley Scott and the 270 minute extended cut of Napoleon

According to Ridley Scott, there is already one Napoleon extended four and a half hour version, which expands upon some aspects of the epic biopic, including Josephine’s life before meeting Bonaparte. The director commented on the work as follows:

It’s great, I’d like Apple to show it. Joaquin studies the psyche, which in Napoleon’s case is very strange. The film reflects it. It’s peculiar, there’s an intensity. Napoleon wasn’t as stoic and gorgeous as Russell Crowe in Gladiator. He was a dictator, a war criminal, actually. It couldn’t have been an inspiring story, because that man killed hundreds of thousands of men, in my opinion for no reason. For what? For an empire, and why? Eventually it all fell apart anyway. That out-of-control psyche is a hell of a danger, and it’s very strange. This is a portrait of him.

Very soon we will see this film, which promises to be epicin Italian cinemas. We will update you on any developments regarding the publication of his extended cut.

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