Napoleon: the official trailer of the film by Ridley Scott

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Napoleon is Ridley Scott’s next film starring Joaquin Phoenix: let’s watch the official trailer together

Napoleon is the new major film project by director Ridley Scott, which as the title suggests focuses on the figure of Napoleon, military leader and Emperor of France. A historical film therefore in perfect style of this director, who chose Joaquin Phoenix to play such a controversial and complex character in history. Just these days it is the trailer was released, thus confirming the news that circulated about its release in this summer period.

Napoleon: the official trailer of the film by Ridley Scott

It is one of the most anticipated films of this 2023 and is scheduled for release in theaters on November 23 distributed by Eagle Pictures. In this decidedly spectacular and exciting trailer, we can get a taste of this film, with a soundtrack that is already very interesting. There is hope that the film will have its world premiere at Venice 80, which is the Venice Film Festival, but for this we still have to wait for confirmations. A hope that would be a further advantage for the Italian Festival and that would also give the possibility of having immediate impressions of the film.

The trailer speaks for itself, showcasing a massive film in production, special effects, development and most certainly its lead actor as well. Next to Napoleon we can also see Josephine, great love of this historical figure and played by Vanessa Kirby.

So we just have to wait for some further news on the film, certainly among these his presence at the Venice Film Festival would be one of the most important, which could also bring a lot of luck to the film, given the trend of recent years, such as for La La Land, presented in Venice for the first time.

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