NARWAL Freo X Ultra review: cleanliness and style

NARWAL It's at the cutting edge of vacuuming and mapping – both flawless. But that's not all: the automatic emptying of the dust tank makes cleaning management even easier.

Let's see the cleaning in detail

Another strong point is the increased suction on carpets. But what makes it truly extraordinary is the system that automatically raises the washing brushes when the robot detects a carpet. This way, we don't have to do anything while the robot does all the work.

But let's get to the washing phase: while in similar products the washing phases left something to be desired, the NARWAL stands out. The function that automatically lifts the washing brushes near a carpet is revolutionary.

We no longer have to delimit areas with physical or virtual barriers on the washing map. The brushes, pressing forcefully on the floor (180 revolutions per minute with downward pressure), polish and wash extremely easily, guaranteeing excellent results, with a force of 12 Nm.

The washing process is greatly facilitated by three fundamental components. First, there are the two water tanks and theautomation in adding detergent to the flow. Equally important is the care and drying of brusheswhich lasts only two hours thanks to the use of hot air for the drying process. The brushes come clean and dry with every wash cycle, eliminating dirt residues and bad odors.

In summary, user intervention is practically minimal or even unnecessary. Simply maintain the full clean water tank e empty the collection onemaking the washing and vacuuming process extremely autonomous and highly effective.

NARWAL Freo X Ultra review: cleanliness and styleNARWAL Freo X Ultra review: cleanliness and style

Who should buy it? | NARWAL Freo X Ultra review

In conclusion, the NARWAL Freo X Ultra it turns out to be an exceptional product that can finally operate almost completely autonomously. There mappingil suction system is that of wash they are phenomenal and show no gaps.

Impossible not to mention the excellent applicationthe emptying, washing and drying dock which alone is worth the price of the ticket.

Obviously, all this has a cost which, although not within everyone's reach, is well justified by the authorities cutting-edge technologies and come on high quality materials used.

Without hesitation we can say that we are faced with one of the best robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners available on the market.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that does the cleaning almost completely autonomously and offers even more (such as the fantastic mopping function), which is suitable for different surfaces and levels, then the NARWAL Freo X Ultra It's the perfect choice for you!

NARWAL Freo X Ultra review: cleanliness and styleNARWAL Freo X Ultra review: cleanliness and style

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Il NARWAL Freo X Ultraavailable April 10, offers an exceptional combination of power and performance at an affordable price.

With a list price of €949, it is available at a special launch price of €799 until May 31st.

Additionally, there is a special offer with code, which offers an additional €30 discount and a free accessory kit worth €149.99.

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For what concern NARWAL Freoavailable April 20, offers an effective home cleaning solution at an affordable price.

With a list price of €399, it is available at an introductory price of €349 until May 31st. A special offer with code is also available for this model, which offers an additional discount of €20.

Vacuum and wash in style

Points in favor

  • Powerful suction and deep washing ability
  • Precise mapping and intelligent navigation
  • Special launch offers and accessories included

Points against

  • High initial price compared to other models on the market
  • Relatively large dimensions can be a problem in tight spaces
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