NAS ASUSTOR: a growing popularity among videomakers

NAS ASUSTOR: un gradimento sempre più alto fra i videomaker thumbnail

ASUTOR, one of the most important and innovative NAS manufacturers founded in 2011 with a direct investment of ASUSTek Computer Inc., is registering a growing number of acclaim among video editing enthusiasts and professionals.

For those who deal with or enjoy video editing, the need to have a large storage capacity is a necessity that, especially when using a laptop, arises extremely quickly and continues to grow over time.The. Both in the editing phases and when you want to archive your works once they have been completed, in fact, the space made available by the internal drives soon becomes insufficient and it is necessary to resort to external disks or storage solutions such as NAS which, among other advantages, also offer the possibility of sharing files and resources through the SMB, AFP and NFS protocols.

Thanks to a wide range of proposals, starting with entry level models such as the DRIVESTOR 2, which provide at least one 2.5 GbE port, up to the hi-end series are equipped with 10GbE connectivity and / or PCIe slots for the installation of network cards up to 50 GbE, ASUSTOR NAS signed a growing successful both among simple video editing enthusiasts, and among professionals and studios who use Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere on a daily basis.

The real flagship of ASUSTOR NAS, particularly appreciated by videomakers, is the exclusive MyArchive feature, which transforms the NAS into a removable drive solution capable of offering virtually infinite storage space. Ideal for archiving assets and already completed projects, MyArchive drives can be ejected from the NAS and stored safely in a few moments and then put back online just as quickly when you need to resume a job or go back to edit previously archived files.

Another advantage offered by technology Finally, MyArchive is to be able to format your volumes by choosing between the exFAT, EXT4, NTFS, HFS + and Btrfs file systems, with the possibility of mounting them on a USB docking station and read them directly from Mac or PC too.