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National Youth Card: what it is, how it works and which discounts you can access

The National Youth Card is the latest initiative promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for youth policies and universal civil service. What is it? Basically it is about a system to access discounts and concessions on cultural activities, shops, transport, restaurants and much more. In short, the idea – as illustrated on the website – is to have prices tailored to young people. And the young people here are citizens between 18 and 35 years old resident in Italy.

National Youth Card: what is it?

But, in practice, what is this National Youth Card? It is about a virtual card dedicated, as anticipated, to young people between 18 and 35 years of age and is a tool that allows you to take advantage of facilitations in the purchase and access to goods and services offered by the partners participating in the initiative.

The basic idea is to promote a better quality of life for the younger generations, helping them to find and seize opportunities for growth.

The card is free and can be redeemed using IO, an app that also includes the list of merchants and institutions that have chosen to support the initiative.

How can I get it?

National Youth Card how it works

The National Youth Card can only be requested through the IO app, available for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.
Remember that access is possible only with the digital identity – the SPID – or with the CIE, the Electronic Identity Card. So make sure you have at least one of these two things.

Once logged in, you can click on the Carta Giovani Service tab or in the Portfolio section to request the card, view partners and opportunities and consult the instructions for use.

In order to activate the card you will have to follow a series of steps but don’t worry: in a short time you will have your National Youth Card and you will be ready to use it. But how?

National Youth Card: how does it work?

You can use the National Youth Card both in physical stores and online.
In the first case you will simply have to show it at the cashier, after which the merchant will do the rest.
In the second case you will have to open the IO app, find the site concerned and, in the details, retrieve a code that you will have to copy and paste in the field normally associated with the discount codes. In some cases the code is temporary so you will have to finish the operation within 10 minutes.
We also point out that some partners do not provide the code but you will have to use the IO app to find the page dedicated to the National GIovani Card.

Does the card have an expiration date?

Well yes, it is valid up to 35 years as regards access to opportunities and concessions in Italy.
Inside the circuit EYCA – European Youth Card Association – the National Youth Card expires at the age of 30.

Have you already applied for your card?

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