Babylon’s Fall: The free demo is out today

Uscita oggi la demo gratuita di Babylon’s Fall: ecco cosa c

On the occasion of the release of the demo of Babylon’s Fall on PlayStation comes a new trailer released by Square Enix.

What you need to know about the free Babylon’s Fall demo released today

Square Enixdeveloper of Babylon’s Fall, has released a new trailer that shows us the combat mechanics of the game. Meanwhile, the free demo for PlayStation has also been released today. Also revealed the action plan of Season 1, a new faction and a new type of weapon. We also know that the Premium Battle Pass will be free for all players during Season 1.

In the video game, players will be able to be part of the sentries, groups of warriors tied to a special piece of equipment called Gideon Coffin. The aim is to get to Tower of Babylon, where a precious loot awaits them. The strategic approach to gameplay will be important, through the various equipment available to the player. It will be possible to fight in co-op mode with friends, up to 4 players per team. The developers also announced that other game modes will be gradually introduced after the title’s launch.

We remind you that from today – February 25 – it is possible to download the free demo of Babylon’s Fall for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The demo allows you to try out the early stages of the game, both solo and in co-op. Progress can be carried over to the full game when it comes out: the 3 March 2022per PC e PlayStation.