NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

If you need a hand to be able to dominate in NBA 2K22, here is our guide to your rescue, where we illustrate some useful tips and tricks

A new season on the parquet awaits all basketball fans, thanks to the annual appointment with the 2K home basketball series, which returns again this year thanks to NBA 2K22, which we have already told you about in our review. Whether you are an old or a new player, however, the edition of the franchise in question presents many new features, so we decided to provide you with a substantial guide, where you we illustrate some tips and tricks which could greatly simplify things for you in your experience with NBA 2K22.

Playing is not enough

Basketball is certainly a very complex sport, which certainly does not end in the act of getting to the point. In fact, this discipline does not only consist of two and three shots, but it is also governed by many other game situations which, even in the case of the 2K title, it is good to learn to master to be able to give life to the player (and team) of our dreams. And as if that weren’t enough, since we’re talking about a video game, many other mechanics also complicate our lives, which will require further dedication to be tamed. For this reason we come to your rescue with these tips and tricks for NBA 2K22.

Slow down the action – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

The game, since the launch, has turned out a lot slower is reasoned than the previous chapter, all of this because of the way it all handles the loss of stamina. If you played last year, you will certainly be used to spamming dribbling moves (to use a more football than basketball term), so that you can land a three-point shot. Or maybe you used to get around your opponents thanks to fast players, so as to easily penetrate the defense of the other team. In NBA 2K22However, if you hold down the sprint button for too long, or attempt too many dribbles, your stamina will drop quickly.

This was certainly not a problem in last year’s game, because it was still possible to make some good shots. Now, however, the shot indicator will be affected by the player’s physical condition. This will make it more difficult to go to the basket, as well as widen the window of time in which the opponent can try to counter us. Therefore our advice is to slow things down, since having a good margin of resistance at the time of the shot will end up simplifying the situation for us. Play more conservatively, and we are sure you will be able to increase your chances of winning.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Take advantage of the Pick and Roll against the CPU – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

If you are an offline player, great help will be provided by changes made by defensive AI by Visual Concepts. In the past, defenders would throw themselves at you during a pickup, leaving their man exposed. This made it very easy to hunt for a three-sided shot, in case you had trouble getting the point. In NBA 2K22 this happens much more rarely, so da make the pick-and-roll action more like real basketball. Now it’s all about being able to read the defense, so as to make the right choice.

If you call the center to attempt a pick, and his marker is thrown at you, throw the ball at him and let him face another defender. If the change of marking does not occur, take advantage of the free lane and go to the basket. It is just a matter of patience: if the marking does not change, or the lane does not clear, do not force the game and try again. Remember to play reasonably and slowly.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Choosing a mode – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

This section is dedicated to all those who really want to dive into the offer that NBA 2K22 has in store for this year. Whether you want to play MyTeam, MyCareer or MyNBA, you will probably have to carry on with your choice. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the other modes, but remember that all three have their own season pass, with content to unlock.

It seems easier to complete this pass than last year, but if you dilute your time with the game too much, you may not be able to get all the rewards. That said, if you’re a casual player, don’t worry too much, as all three modes have tons of things to unlock, and switching between them won’t be a problem unless you want to compete with other players. .

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Focus on offline MyTeam for now – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

If you are already a veteran of the MyTeam, then this tip is not for you, as you will certainly have acquired enough skills to compete online. For all new players (or those who need a refresher), play modes like Triple Threat Offline e Domination will prove to be of great help. First of all because they will practice, although obviously the tricks we will use against the AI ​​will not work as well even in the case of human opponents. It will still be good training in terms of shooting timing, which is a fundamental thing to learn.

The second and most important aspect is that by doing so you will be able to build your team, by means of the players obtained as a reward. Starting with a starter team and attempting to compete in Triple Threat Online o Unlimited it’s really difficult, so if you plan to launch directly into similar modes, consider taking a look at the new Draft mode too, or access Limited, where player rosters will all have a rating cap.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Choose Trae Young as Your MyTeam Starter – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the court!

Bring young this year is undoubtedly the best Starter player you will find in MyTeam, especially if you’ve followed our latest advice (from our slew of NBA 2K22 tips and tricks) and started playing offline. He will be a player who will evolve very quickly, so as to become a real sniper, as well as endowed with great speed, which will be of great help in the first games. Once you get it to the max, you can choose another one Starter to work on, but it will all depend on what elements you have obtained during the growth process of Young. Eventually, however, you will be able to have all 5 players Starter.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Use a Build That Suits Your Style in MyCareer – NBA 2K22: Tips and Tricks

If you search the internet, for sure you will find lots of results indicating the “best build for MyCareer”. They are certainly good advice, but you should really start thinking about the kind of player you want to be, ed so start building it. Unless you want to compare yourself with the best players in the City, you will surely be happy with whatever build you decide to use. We personally love playing with one solid defense, organizing our teammates, and trying to take advantage of the three-point chances when the opposing defense drops. This, however, may not suit your style, so have fun with the editor and find the square you like best. By doing so you will surely have fun.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Increase the race minutes to increase the time played in MyCareer – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

One of the biggest issues players encounter at the start of MyCareer it is related to not seeing the field sufficiently, so as to obtain a Teammate Rating pari a B o superiore. Since you will start playing as a low-value player (unless you spend money on purchasing the game’s virtual currency), you will only have a limited amount of minutes. However, there is a way to work around this: access the settings, search for the item Fourth Duration, and select 10 o 12 minutes, so you have more time to get more in-game currency, which you can spend to upgrade faster. Another of our tips and tricks to dominate the parquet on NBA 2K22 and especially in MyCareer.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Don’t forget to get the State Farm uniform – NBA 2K22: tips and tricks

The last of our tips and tricks for NBA 2K22 is quite curious, but it is really funny to wander around the city wearing the official uniform of the State Farm. Once logged in, and after completing the initial missions, check the Missions item: you will find one that will ask you to reach State Farm Jake. Talk to him to get the outfit in question.

NBA 2K22: tips and tricks to dominate the parquet!

Free throw

This concludes our guide dedicated to tips and tricks for NBA 2K22, which we hope will come in handy if you wish to become the protagonists of the pitch. We remind you that the game is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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