Pokémon GO: ecco il video del quinto anniversario dedicato ai giocatori thumbnail

Pokémon GO: here is the video of the fifth anniversary dedicated to players

Pokémon GO: here is the video of the fifth anniversary dedicated to thumbnail players

Pokémon GO, launched in July 2016, this year celebrates its fifth anniversary of activities: to celebrate and thank all the players who have traveled kilometers, discovered places and fought together, Niantic has collected some of the most memorable moments of the past five years in one special video, aimed at celebrating pocket creatures as well as the game community.

Pokémon GO celebrates its fifth anniversary with a celebratory video

The video created by the software house contains the real experiences of Trainers around the world. Over the past five years, Trainers and Pokémon have had many adventures and made countless discoveries and this video serves to celebrate these experiences in 360 degrees.

The intent of Pokémon GO is to bring to mind its players many fond memories of Pokémon Trainer experiences. The message behind it is simple but direct: it doesn’t matter where you are headed, because we are all part of the world of Pokémon GO.

In the video, however, we see when Pokémon GO was able to present itself as an application capable of breaking down generational barriers, with players of all ages playing together and working together to capture the desired Pokémon and during raids against the Legendaries, which require a good understanding of the team taking part in the battle.

Meanwhile, fans are already looking to the next event scheduled in game, or the Community Day which will take place on September 19, 2021 and will have as protagonist Oshawott, the Otter Pokémon. An opportunity not to be missed to get in touch with Trainers and communities from all over the world and also get a great Pokémon water with some exclusive moves in the meantime.

In short, the future of Pokémon GO still seems rich in content, on the other hand there are still several generations missing from the Pokédex of the mobile game.

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