La nuova MyCareer di NBA 2K23 solidifica il legame tra basket e musica thumbnail

NBA 2K23 is now available worldwide

NBA 2K23 comes out today: here are all the thumbnail features

NBA 2K23 is finally here, and with the new videogame also the renewed videogame basketball experience which, with this game, promises to be more realistic than ever. After all, the 2K developer presentation press release defines it “A hyper-real basketball experience, with new gameplay innovations and animations, the coveted return of the Jordan Challenge mode, an engaging online community experience and much more.” So let’s find out all the features and the new title of the NBA 2K franchise.

What we know about NBA 2K23, out today

Over the past few weeks we have revealed a lot about the game, starting from the cover athletes to the revamped MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes. Just this morning, however, we told you about the new City of the game, the nerve center of many in-game activities.

On top of that, the game reintroduces Seasons, with new rewards, music and challenges for players who want to compete (and win). The rewards of level 40 allow you to go around with a Golf Cart for four people on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, and with a Hoverbike on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, while in MyTEAM it offers new cards and game modes, better accessibility, greater personalization and infinite combinations of formations.

The characteristics of the game

  • This is Game – Players can compete as their favorite NBA and WNBA teams and stars and experience the pinnacle of real play. With best-in-class visual presentation, improved player AI, updated rosters and historic teams, the game has never been more real and complete than in NBA 2K23. Feel the energy of the crowd, the intensity of the competition and the endless fun of one of the most engaging sports products of the moment.
  • Michael Jordan, the return – Step into Michael Jordan’s ultimate experience with the renewed Jordan Challenge. Relive 15 iconic performances from Jordan’s illustrious career, with 10 of the original challenges returning from NBA 2K11 completely rebuilt from the ground up. Added to these are five completely new moments. These iconic exhibits include game presentations, arenas, and era announcers.

NBA 2K23 MJ 1992 Screenshot

NBA 2K23 MJ 1986 Screenshot

  • Become the top of the league – Players can fulfill their NBA dreams and set out to conquer greatness on a dramatic journey in MyCAREER. Building relationships, building a reputation and overcoming obstacles that challenge even the most promising players. Players can diversify their brand off the pitch and make their name the one to remember on the court.
  • “Hoops Community” – Players can experience the most immersive city ever on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Alternatively, you can embark on an epic journey aboard the GOAT Boat on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Whatever the journey with MyPLAYER, be ready to work, earn and run on the playing fields.
  • Build your Dream Team – MyTEAM turns fantasy into reality: players collect and earn cards to compose starting 5 out of the ordinary with legends and All-Stars from every era. Discover engaging challenges, competitive tournaments and exciting rewards, as well as new updates season after season.
  • tip to the top – Pick your shots to build a dynasty or decide the league’s trajectory in MyNBA’s most immersive management simulation experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Choose to start your journey through different eras and experience unprecedented control. Immerse yourself in a season or anticipate long-term growth with years of experience available online or offline.
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