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Get off to a good start with the new Teufel products on offer

Get off to a good start this September and face the return to work or school with the new Teufel audio products on offer

Teufl (here to visit the site) is the largest direct seller of audio products in Europe. The wide range of devices includes home theater systems, TV audio solutions, multimedia systems, classic Hi-Fi, headphones, Bluetooth and multi-room speakers with Raumfeld internal transmission technology.

Thanks to the quality of its audio systems, Teufel offers different devices for every need. It is the ideal companion for this September, which never like this year means “restart”. A hybrid back to school and work, a perfect mix that creates increasingly fluid study and work.

Details on the new Teufel products

Let’s start our tour among the many Teufel products talking about Radio ONE. One HI-FI alarm clock radio speaker with 3-in-1 Bluetooth connection. Practical and functional alarm clock at night, during the day a design object and radio speaker for the living area. With technology Dynamore by Teufeldesigned to always guarantee a powerful and balanced sound, transforms the bedside table into a small stage.

Furthermore, thanks to thepatented display lighting, automatically or manually adjustable and with a large time indicator, sleep will not be disturbed by annoying beams of light coming from electronic devices. Set your alarm to study, wake up and use the radio function to relax as you get ready to go out. Radio ONE, available at a price of € 169.99, is now on offer at 149,99 euro . Available in Black and Light Gray color.

Get off to a good start with the new Teufel products on offer


SUPREME ON – SOUND ON are elegant, colorful and powerful Cuffie Bluetooth. Tireless with one duration of 30 hours. A perfect ally for any trip and / or during a working day. Thanks to earphone detection, starts playing as soon as the headphones are put on. It stops when they are removed.

Perfect for listening to a playlist on the way to school, or an interesting podcast on the way to university, or on the way to work. Great for taking lessons from home or for video calls. Supreme ON – Sound ON, available at a price of € 149.99, are now on offer at € 99,99. Available in Night Black, Moon Gray, Ivy Green, Pale Gold, Sand White and Space Blue colors.

Get off to a good start with the new Teufel products on offer


NAME offers a new dimension hi-fi. A complete stereo system that can be placed anywhere. Equipped with CD player, Bluetooth and now also DAB + digital radio. After a study session, or a day of work, relaxing with good music will not be so impossible. Kombo 11, available at a price of € 299.99, is now on offer at € 222,00.

Get off to a good start with the new Teufel products on offer


BOOMSTER GO , even in the stereo version, they are perfect for those who love to enjoy their playlist in company. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity the device allows it music streaming from any App. In addition, for stereo sound just pair two devices and connect them directly to your smartphone. After school or to indulge in a little relaxation with friends, it is stereo portatile Boomster GO it is the ideal portable ally and adapts to any adventure.

From the ability to reproduce up to 10 hoursthese colorful accessories are water resistant in accordance with the standard IPX7. In addition, they feature a rubberized body that offers additional impact protection, to respond to its maximum portability. BOOMSTER GO, which is available on the official Teufel website in the color Night black, Sand white, Space blue, Coral red, Ivy green at the price of € 99.99, is now discounted for only € 79,99. BOOMSTER GO Stereo-Set which is available at a price of € 179.99, is now on offer for only € 149,99.

Get off to a good start with the new Teufel products on offer

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