NBA 2K23: tante novità in arrivo per la modalità MyTEAM thumbnail

NBA 2K23: many new features coming to the MyTEAM mode

NBA 2K23: many new features coming to the MyTEAM thumbnail mode

The new NBA 2K23 prepares for its debut. The new simulation dedicated to the NBA will arrive over the next few months bringing with it a large number of new features. In particular, the development team focused oninnovation of the MyTEAM mode which will bring several novelties for the players. Here are the details:

NBA 2K23 will renew the MyTEAM mode

The new NBA 2K23 will be able to count on several new features including a completely renewed MyTEAM mode with various changes compared to the previous version. There will be available to users new ways to playlike the mode Triple Threat Online: Co-Op. and various innovations, such as theelimination of contracts.

It is a series of mechanisms that aim to offer users an even more complete game mode that can meet expectations. All the details on the news related to MyTEAM are available on the official blog of the game. We remind you that the game will be available on all platforms starting from the next one 9 of September. Therefore, very little is missing to be able to discover all the news for the title up close.

Erick Boenisch, NBA Development VP of 2K and Visual Conceptsdeclares: “This year we made a number of changes to MyTEAM that are highly requested by our community, including the removal of contracts and the addition of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op which allows players to team up with friends to the first time ever to test their skills in Co-Op 3v3 online play “.

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