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Twitter wants to become a podcast app

Twitter is officially launching into the world of podcastrevolutionizing the own app. In fact it starts a test that shows a curated list of shows based on your interests in the section Spaces. The test is international, but at the moment only in English.

Twitter focuses on podcasts and revolutionizes its app

In the new tab Spacesyou will immediately find a section “Stations“, Which generates a playlist of podcast episodes based on a topic, taking fromi feed RSS live audio events and recordings. A model therefore more similar to Pandora stations than a selection of subscription podcasts like those of Apple Podcast o Spotify.

On the page you can still find the Spaces audio rooms, but further down the screen, proving that the new interest of Twitter is podcasts. A choice certainly motivated by the fact that su Twitter there are entire American podcast communities, that the social network wants to exploit to attract users to its audio proposal.

As always happens with similar algorithms, the more you use the app to listen to episodes, the more precise the suggestions will be. But the company also explains that will suggest shows and episodes that the people you follow like: as if were suggested by your friends or celebrities of your choice.

Twitter’s choice is particularly ambitious because i Podcast tips are notoriously difficult. No platform, not even Apple that has been doing it for years, has been able to find an effective way to do it: we rely heavily on word of mouth or on the rankings of the most listened to.

The promotional possibilities of this Twitter novelty are many. Especially if one day Twitter should make it possible to share clips of the shows on their timeline. At the end of each podcast, especially the American ones, the guests always share their Twitter contact to try to build a following: merging these two worlds could be a winning move.

But as always in the world of technology, the idea is not enough: it is needed execution. We’ll see if Twitter can establish itself in this world of podcasts.

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