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NBA2K22: The soundtrack will be dynamic and updated periodically

A very common practice within the sports video game industry is to insert a soundtrack composed of music and songs that are particularly popular at the time of release of a certain security. This obviously has the big flaw of making this soundtrack obsolete within a few months, and it is a problem that 2K intends to solve with NBA2K22. With a periodically updated soundtrack NBA2K22 promises players a musical experience that is always fresh and in step with the times.

NB2K22 will have a dynamic soundtrack

During the 2K Beats program, Alfie Brody, 2K’s vice president of marketing, confirmed that the upcoming NBA2K will also have a soundtrack composed of songs by the hottest artists of the moment. Among the best known names in this respect we have NAS, The Game, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, e Doja Cat.

This is not a complete list however, as the vice president himself has confirmed that in the final game we will find many more, which will be confirmed shortly before the official launch of the game. In any case, the most interesting part of the new soundtrack is that it will be “dynamic”, to use the same term mentioned by Brody.

Specifically on the first Friday of each new season, the NBA2K22 soundtrack will be updated with new tracks, in order to take advantage of some of the hottest artists of the period and keep a fresh sound over time. To make matters worse, emerging musicians will also be able to publish their own backing tracks, to allow the game community to customize them by adding vocals and remixing beats.

2K Sports’ decision comes after years of sports games suffering from soundtracks aging, by their very nature, rapidly, as the music industry is in constant motion. We remind you that NBA2K22 is coming this September 10th for Apple Arcade, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, e Xbox Series S/X.

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