Dorohedoro: arriva la Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue da Figurama Collectors!

The brand new Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue by Figurama Collectors comes to life from the world of Dorohedoro. Let’s see it in detail

Figurama Collectors is pleased to announce her new manga related work Dorohedoro. Like the protagonist and half human and half reptile, the Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue is a hybrid of hand-sculpted characters and digitally sculpted environments.

This, in fact, represents the first Figurama Collectors statue to enjoy a hand-made sculpt, as well as being the first product dedicated to Dorohedoro. Both Caiman and Nikaido will have, then, a spare face equipped with mask, making possible 4 ways to exhibit the statue.

Dorohedoro: arriva la Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue da Figurama Collectors!

Caiman and Nikaido perform a double strike, scrambling an undead corpse on the sidewalk and uprooting a fire hydrant. A pack of ramen, a gyoza takeaway box, a flask of smoke, and bits of zombies litter the slick street. Perched on a street sign, the Gyoza Fairy takes a break from her kitchen duties to watch the fight.

With a’height of 37 cm (14.5 inches), the Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue draws you into the grungy world of Hole, from Nikaido’s crushing kick over sewer pipes. The inclined pedestal blends perfectly with the scene, echoing the chaotic atmosphere of Dorohedoro, while the back hides some of the bad En’s deadly mushrooms. Caiman & Nikaido Elite FigumiZ Statue is a world limited edition. Each 1/8 scale statue includes one exclusive print it’s a autographed certificate of authenticity from the CEO of Figurama: Mr. Shanab and by the sculptor of traditional characters: Shuzo Araki Shuzo Araki.

Price and pre-order

With a retail price set at $ 450, the statue will be produced in a limited edition of 800 pieces. Collectors interested in purchasing the statue are welcome to subscribe to wish list to be notified when pre-orders will open on August 14th at 4:00 pm Italian.

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