Neakasa F1 review: quickly dry your pets

Recensione Neakasa F1: asciugare velocemente i propri animali

In this review we will get to know the Neakasa F1 pet hair dryer and see how it behaved during our test. Let’s find out together

One of the most critical experiences for those who have four-legged friends is certainly that relating to the bath. Indeed, wash your pet it could be much more complicated than you might think. Often we will have to fight with him to be able to put him in the bath or shower to wash him and this is only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. One of the most critical moments comes when we have to start drying the hair of our dog or cat that is.

Often our four-legged friends will be frightened by the noise of the hair dryer that we have inside the house and, even if this were not the case, there it will take forever to dry them perfectly. This is especially true for long-haired animals, which require even more patience on our part. With the akasa has thought about this inconvenience by creating the hair dryer F1which we will go to look into this reviewentirely designed for our friends.

Neakasa F1 review: quickly dry your pets

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: about 250 x 50 mm (width x diameter)
  • Weight: 560 g
  • Air flow: 62 m/s
  • Engine rotation speed: 76.000 rpm
  • Speed ​​levels: 2
  • Noisiness: 40-75 dB
  • Heat stages: 4
  • to your test: 3

Neakasa F1 review: quickly dry your pets

Packaging and Design | Neakasa F1 Review

This practical hair dryer for animals arrives in a package large enough to contain, in addition to the product in question, too three interchangeable heads to better dry our four-legged friends. Inside we will also find a comfortable one bag to carry it wherever we want. The weight of only 560 g and the cylindrical design they make it in fact great to be easily carried inside a suitcase or backpackso that we can always have it with us in case of an emergency.

The white and silver color make it very elegant and allow it to adapt to any style of furniture present in our homes. It is made with a very resistant hard plastic that manages to give to the touch an important sense of robustness. The lower part consists of a perforated grid that allows the air to be absorbed and then eject it from the front.

Located almost halfway between these parts of the main body we find one small oval area with two keys inside. The first, scrolling, will allow us to turn on and set the power of the airflow; the second, by pressure, will allow us to cyclically vary between the four heat stages that this hair dryer can achieve. We start from the one at room temperature, which returns the air as it is in the room, to increase more and more and dry our four-legged friends as soon as possible.

Neakasa F1 review: quickly dry your pets

Operation | Neakasa F1 Review

The high rotational speed of the engine allows you to create a fairly strong and warm air flow, depending on the selected level, which will allow us to quickly dry the fur of our animals. The three interchangeable heads then facilitate the work even more, allowing us to concentrate on large areas or individual pieces according to our needs. So it is a very good productat least as regards the drying speed, far superior to that of a common hair dryer that we use every day.

Despite therefore being so valid from this point of view, there are some small flaws thatalthough I don’t affect experience that much, we could not fail to let you notice. The first, and perhaps the most important, it concerns the noise that is produced when using at maximum speed. We assume that a range di Noise levels ranging from 40dB to 75dB are not all that high and, although our pets hear more than we do, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The main problem is though in the type of noise generatedwhich almost seems as if it were a backwash, very shrill both for our ears and for those of animals. At first this could create some problems, especially if our furry friend is a big coward, making him move away from the phone and forcing us to chase him around the room. A thicker, warmer sound would have been much more appreciated.

The second concerns the positioning of the buttons to turn it on and set the heat level. If we try to keep the thumb on one of the two keys we will unintentionally cover the intake grilleslightly affecting the airflow. Obviously this is not a very serious problem, but placing the two keys in the upper part would certainly have been a better idea.

Neakasa F1 review: quickly dry your pets

Who should buy it?

We have now reached the end of this review regarding the Neakasa F1 and the time has therefore come to sum up a bit. Having a pet is certainly challenging, especially if you decide to wash it inside the house to try to save a few euros. Having a good hair dryer that allows us to dry it in a few minutes is almost essentialespecially if the hair is long.

With the Neakasa F1 you will surely have the right product for you. Thanks to this particular hair dryer you can dry your four-legged friends in a few minutes, allowing you to save time that you can use for other things. The reduced size and weight make it excellent for transport. So it is about an excellent solution if you have decided to go on holiday to the seawhich will allow you to dry your pet every time it gets wet in the water.

However, although it is so great, it has some flaws that may be eliminated by the company in the future. First the sucking noiseproduced when it is running at maximum power, can be annoying to our friends, although the noise never exceeds 75 dB. The grip would also need to be reviewed, with the function keys moved too far down. With this solution, when we hold the hair dryer during use, we will cover the holes in the grille that allow the air to enter, slightly affecting its flow.

That’s all for this review regarding the Neakasa F1 hair dryer. We remind you that you can buy it on the official website for €129.99, quite a good price considering the portability of the same. Do you already have one at home or are you planning to buy one? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future reviews related to the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow!

Plus points

  • Easy to carry
  • Really quick drying
  • Prezzo
  • Interchangeable heads

Points against

  • Noise when the product is at maximum
  • Power keys
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