Negotiations underway for the actors’ strike

Rosy Talarico

A glimmer of light is starting to emerge regarding the actors’ strike which is however far from over

The actors’ strike is not over yet, but we are starting to be optimistic for a probable resolution by the end of this week. Indeed, the SAG-AFTRA union communicated the conclusion of the work on Monday to its members via a post on Twitter. The post states:

The committee worked independently today. We will meet with AMPTP on Tuesday. While negotiations over the past week have been productive, we remain far apart on some key issues. So please continue to put pressure on AMPTP by joining picket lines, making your voices heard at rallies across the country, and posting messages of support and strength on social media.

The information leaked so far about the actors’ strike

The Studios they didn’t let any information leak. It seems that on Monday the union waited for responses relating to some proposals made previously, but did not receive them. These should be topics that will be addressed in today’s meeting. Rumors state that we are going in the right direction, but that some time is still needed before an agreement is concluded. All the details still need to be defined, but it seems we are finally on the right path. In reality, this hypothetical agreement seemed to be closer when information emerged over the weekend on the presence of labor law experts and lawyers during the meetings between the parties.

This actors’ strike is causing quite a few delays in the release of several films, some of which are highly anticipated. We can do nothing but wait in the hope that reasonable agreements for both parties will be signed. To stay up to date on the world of cinema and TV series, and therefore also on the actors’ strike, continue to follow us on!

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