Neo: The World Ends With You arriva su PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Neo: The World Ends With You arriva su PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch

Neo: The World Ends with You, the video game that combines action and role-playing, is now available. It was developed by Creative Business Unit and produced by the colossus Square Enix, famous for immortal brands such as Final Fantasy. It is possible to buy it for PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch. At the end of the summer it will also arrive on PC, via the Epic Store digital store.

Players will be thrown into the streets of Shibuya, to participate in the Game of Demons. Users will play the protagonist Laughing, whose goal is to survive the fearsome clash of the Games. During the adventure he will not be alone, as he will meet other characters and explore the city of Tokyo with them to unravel its sinister mysteries and come out alive from the Games of the Demons.

Neo: The World End With You release date and demo

Those who buy Neo: The World Ends With You by August 26 they will be able to redeem exclusive in-game items, which will be of great help to start the adventure in the best way. Before buying the title, you can also try it for free, so as to understand if it is actually to your liking or not.

The free demo is in fact available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. Just download the trial version from the respective digital stores, or the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop. In this reduced portion of the entire game you will be able to participate in the first two days of the Game of Demons.

The protagonist Rindo will be present, the friend Fret and many others. You will be able to accept missions to start collecting prizes, and experience the frenetic and adrenaline-pumping battles against Noise. The iconic special abilities, the Psychic. You will be able to unlock and improve both equipment and skills, as well as health and many other parameters during the campaign.

Going to buy the entire game on the same platform the demo was played on progress will not be lost, so as to continue the adventure exactly where it stopped.

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