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Tiramisù is the code name of the new Android 13

From today on, know that every time you hear the word “Tiramisù” you won’t have to think only of our grandmother’s phantasmogoric dessert of ladyfingers and mascarpone cream. And do you want to know why? According to XDA Developers, “tiramisu”Would be the code name of the new one Android 13. “Rename T in Tiramisù”, so we read in the note published by XDA, which reveals the first public mention of what will be the new version of the operating system.

Android 13, codenamed “Tiramisu”

Now, if you are laughing with laughter or if you have rushed to order a tiramisu at the nearest bakery, let us tell you something. Up to Android 10, each version of the operating system was being identified either with a number is with the name of a dessert – which progressed in alphabetical order with each new version -. Android 1.5, for example, was renamed “Cupcake”. The 2.3 “Gingerbread”, the 4.4 “KitKat”, the 6 “Marshmallow” and so on. But it seems that Google has abandoned the practice of using the names of desserts to identify the operating system after Android 10. From that moment, the tech giant was limited only to the numbers.

Within its team, however, Google continued to use the best known sweets globally to identify versions of its operating system. And so Android 10 became “Quince Tart”, Android 11 “Red Velvet Cake” and Android 12, which is still in Beta phase, was identified with the nickname “Snow Cone”. Android 13, as revealed, will instead be “Tiramisu”. And we can be sure of this since the name of the dessert appeared clearly in the code of the Android Open Source Project. “PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME is being updated from T to Tiramisu”: this is the detail that made the developers think that the operating system has the name of the famous Italian dessert.

Beyond this detail, however, we really don’t know anything about the future version of Android. The only advances we have concern the release date, which seems to be set for next year. And the possible support of charging through a MagSafe-style magnetic wireless holder. For the rest, we know that it boasts the name of the Italians’ favorite dessert. And this is enough for us.

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