Netatmo announces the Lock with Smart Keys

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Netatmo expands its range of home security devices with the Lock with Smart Keys. This new product joins the Surveillance Cameras and Alarm Systems, consolidating their position in the home security sector.

Netatmo launches the Lock with Smart Keys

The Netatmo Smart Lock complies with the rigorous mechanical and electronic safety standards required by the EN15684 standard and is SKG certified. So it’s designed to resist attempts at physical tampering such as drilling, cutting, smashing and hammering.

The cylinder developed by Netatmo in high-strength stainless steel is reinforced with a anti-perforation disc and 3 safety pins, ensuring exceptional protection. Furthermore, to prevent hacking attempts, The Smart Lock is not connected to the Internet. The opening of the door takes place near the door itself, via a communication Bluetooth Low Energy. Or with them Smart keys equipped with NFC technology certified and protected.

Indeed, access to the Smart Lock can take place via Smart Keys or through the Home + Security application. You can easily deactivate the keys in case of loss or theft via the application itself.

In addition to security, another strong point of the Netatmo Smart Lock is its ease of installation. It is compatible with doors equipped with a European cylinder with a maximum thickness of 10 cm, elInstallation takes only a few minutes.

A particularly interesting aspect is the possibility of sharing access to the lock via smartphone. Users can submit a invitation via the Home + Security app to relatives, friends or delivery servicesallowing them to temporarily access the house.

The Netatmo Smart Lock offers a battery life of over a year. If the batteries run out completely, you can reactivate the lock using the supplied micro-USB cable.


As for prices, the Netatmo Smart Lock is available in several options:

  • Pack of 3 Smart Keys: €99.99
  • 1 Smart Key: €39.99
  • 45 mm extension kit: €29.99
  • 40 mm extension kit: €29.99

The Smart Lock will be available in Italy shortly and can currently be purchased on the website, as well as in Germany, France and Holland.

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