Netatmo presents the Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Netatmo introduces a new home security product: a smart carbon monoxide detector. Here’s what it is.

Netatmo presents the Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Detector

Netatmo, a leading French company in the Smart Home sector, expands its line of home security products by presenting the new one Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector. The device measures in real time the amount of CO in the different rooms of the house and, in case of detection, automatically activates an alarm of 85 dB. If, on the other hand, the user is not at home, he will receive a notification on his smartphone.

The Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Detector complies with European standards and boasts CE certification (EN 50291). It also has the NF certification, reserved for devices that meet the highest safety standards.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, in Italy about 80% of the cases of carbon monoxide poisoning detected by the emergency room take place right inside the home. Knowing how to react in these cases is therefore essential. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and non-irritating gas, and can be emitted by poorly installed or dysfunctional fuel appliances that have not been serviced annually such as fireplaces, gas systems or boilers.

The device represents a practical solution that does not require any professional installation. Indeed, the Detector works without electricity: to install it just screw it to the wall. Obviously, the installation precautions recommended by Netatmo, also shown on the packaging, must be respected. Once installed, simply download the Home + Security application. At this point, all the features of Netatmo’s Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Detector will be available at no additional cost.

Features, availability and price

The Detector is equipped with the Self-Test function, which monitors the status of the carbon monoxide sensor, battery and Wi-Fi connection. If the device detects an anomaly in its operation, it will notify the user. The product also has an alarm test function, which is recommended to be performed at least once a year.

Also, thanks to the extraordinary battery life, Netatmo’s product has an autonomy of 10 years. At the end of the product life cycle, the same device will alert the user to indicate the need to purchase a new carbon monoxide detector.

The Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector will go on sale starting Tuesday, November 16 at the retail price of 99,99€ EUR. It will be possible to buy the device on the official website, on Amazon and at Euronics, Unieuro, MediaWorld and Leroy Merlin stores.

Netatmo’s Home + Security app is free and compatible with iPhones and iPads, smartphones and tablets updated with iOS 14 and Android 5.0. The Netatmo Webapp is available for Mac and PC.