Netatmo presents the new Smart Climate Control for air conditioners

Netatmo presenta il nuovo Controllo Intelligente di Climatizzazione per i condizionatori thumbnail

Netatmo, the French leader in smart home products, offers the Netatmo Smart Air Conditioning Controlequipped with an ergonomic design and easy to install, thus allowing to manage the air conditioners or the air-to-air heat pump easily and at any time, helping the user to save energy and improve living comfort.

Smarter air conditioners thanks to Netatmo

Thanks to a unique synchronization system, the Netatmo Smart Climate Control is compatible with all air-to-air conditioners and heat pumps equipped with an infrared remote control.

The omnidirectional infrared technology, in fact, allows you to place the Intelligent Air Conditioning Control anywhere in the room, without necessarily having to proceed with interventions or modifications to the system.

The Smart Control allows you to set a cooling or heating schedule in minutes. In addition, you can adjust the temperature and parameters directly from your smartphone with the app Home + Control. For example, if a family member is about to go home, you can start the air conditioning or heating remotely.

Smart Control is also compatible with various voice assistants and connected ecosystems, such as Google Home, Alexa o Apple HomeKit.

Another gem is that by answering five simple questions, the Intelligent Control will establish a customized weekly programme in line with the user’s habits and those of the family. Furthermore, to optimize energy consumption, the Netatmo Intelligent Control also features a integrated geolocation function called “Eco-Assist”, which turns off the appliances when the user leaves the house and turns them back on when he returns.

In addition, thanks to the temperature and humidity sensors, the Intelligent Climate Control monitors and analyzes the environmental variations in the house, in order to subsequently be able to make the appropriate adjustments for greater comfort.

Price and availability

The new Netatmo Intelligent Air Conditioning Control is available both on the website and in large retailers at the recommended retail price of 119,99€.