Netflix blocca gli account condivisi e i cybercriminali li vendono a meno di 2€ thumbnail

Netflix blocks shared accounts and cybercriminals sell them for less than €2

As we well know, Netflix has blocked shared accounts and password sharing. A controversial decision, which is causing a lot of discussion, and which is leading Netflix to lose many users around the world, to the social cry of the hashtag #CancelNetflix.

A situation that has provided an irresistible assist for cybercriminals. Check Point Research (CPR), the Threat Intelligence division of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., has conducted an investigation into numerous illicit businesses selling Netflix subscriptions on the Dark Web.

The researchers found several Telegram channels offering access to Netflix’s monthly Premium plan starting from 190 Indian rupees (approximately 2 euros). To attract users, these channels promise a “legal and effective” service. It goes without saying that these are not legal solutions, nor are they functional.

Netflix and fake shared accounts: the online scam

CPR notes that accounts sold through these portals are often linked to other cyber crimes. Most of these accounts are either obtained from stolen credentials or from hacked accounts. As a result, cyber criminals can offer significantly reduced prices, reaping all profits without incurring any costs.

What’s more, experts warn: cybercriminals may not actually give you access. Check Point Research has seen cases where users were unable to log in, or were blocked after a few days.

How to protect your account

In this regard, the CPR experts show us some guidelines for the protection of your account. A protection that, inevitably, passes through passwords. Here are four expert tips:

  • Long and complex passwords: the basic advice is to use a combination of 14-16 characters including various letters (uppercase and lowercase), symbols and numbers.
  • Easy to remember but hard to guess: Avoid using accessible personal information such as birthdates, family/pet names.
  • Unique passwords: Avoid reusing the same password for different accounts on different platforms. This way, if one password is compromised, your other accounts will be safe.
  • Keep your passwords private: Although Netflix has encouraged us to share them with friends over the years, now is the time to change our attitude. Never share passwords with anyone. Use password management tools for secure storage.

Finally, the experts invite us to monitor your account. If you notice any suspicious activity (such as playing content you’ve never seen or new profiles appearing), you may want to update your password promptly. Timely means before hackers do it.

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