WhatsApp, you can use the same account on multiple iPhones thanks to the new update

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WhatsApp launched the new update 10.23.76 which provides the ability to use the same account on multiple iPhones, thus becoming complementary devices. This feature, up until now, was only aimed at Android users. Here’s what it is.

WhatsApp update: Same account used on multiple iPhones

In the notes of the 23.10.76 version of WhatsApp on the App Store, the following is reported “you can now use WhatsApp on multiple phones. To connect an iPhone as a companion device, tap the ‘Connect this device’ option on the phone number registration screen.” With the primary iPhone you will then need to scan the QR code displayed on the screen of the iPhone you want to add.

For those who fear the issue of privacy, there is nothing to worry about: the crittografia end-to-end is maintained. Linking to multiple iPhones does not affect your privacy. Also, your chat history will come synchronized on all connected devices, so as to go fishing any chat that took place on the other device without any problem.

Various limitations of the new WhatsApp update for iPhones

Some functions however, they are not yet available, such as the ability to manage broadcast lists and posting status updates from the connected device. The same limitations are present on the Android version. In the coming weeks, the new WhatsApp update will be available to all users.

WhatsApp and screen sharing in video calls

As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that allows you to show the screen during a video call. You will have to authorize the app to record or broadcast to then show what happens on the screen of your smartphone.

But you have to pay attention to safety, as the app itself explains. Which in fact reads: “WhatsApp will be able to access all the information visible on the screen or reproduced by your device during recording or transmission. This includes information such as passwords, payment details, photos, messages and audio you play.”

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