Netflix cuts prices in over 30 countries – but not in Italy

Netflix taglia i prezzi in oltre 30 Paesi - ma non in Italia thumbnail

In the last weeks, Netflix has cut prices in over 30 countriesincluding unfortunately Italy is not included. In some cases, the price drops by almost half. A choice that goes against the trend of many other streaming services, which have instead raised their prices in recent months.

Netflix cuts subscription prices in over 30 countries

The streaming company’s recent cuts affect Middle Eastern countries including Yemen, Jordan, Libya e Iran. But they also arrive in sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya) and cross the Atlantic to arrive in some European countries such as Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. In Latin America, nations like cuts see cuts Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuelabut also in Asia the cost is going down Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

In some of these cases, the price is almost halved. A choice that surprised many, given that throughout the West Netflix’s main rivals are raising the price of the service. Above all because on a percentage basis they are worth a lot.

We think of ourselves as an irreplaceable asset,” said co-CEO Greg Peters talking about cuts. But the company also recognizes that in the 190 countries and territories in which it operates, competition for streaming has never been greater.

This decision could also stem from the recent attempt to block account sharing in several countries: possibly lower prices they will entice more users to have a personal account. But in any case it seems that the streaming giant is trying to work to find the right compromise between user growth and revenue.

In the past, Netflix has also decreased costs for large markets such as India, but never for the countries of theWestern Europe or North America. So we don’t think we’ll soon see a drop in costs for Italy: but if all streaming movies have taught us one thing, it’s not to give up hope.

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