Netflix improves 4K HDR streaming with dynamic optimization

Netflix migliora lo streaming in 4K HDR con l'ottimizzazione dinamica thumbnail

Netflix announced a technical update to improve streaming in 4K HDR: Here comes the implementation of a new video encoding method called dynamic optimization, designed to deliver superior video quality but reduce data consumption. The company announces that the update is complete for all 4K HDR content.

Dynamic optimization, Netflix improves streaming in 4K HDR

Dynamic optimization is a video coding methodology that can adapt to peculiarities of each single scene rather than using a fixed bitrate for the entire video. As Punto Informatico explains, this flexibility allows you to optimize the video quality based on the specific contentat the bandwidth availability et al device of reproduction. To implement it, Netflix has adopted a variant HDR of your video quality metric, called HDR-VMAF (Video Multi-method Assessment Fusion).

For subscribers Premium of Netflix accessing content 4K HDR con Dolby Vision o HDR10there are several advantages:

  • 40% fewer interruptions due to buffering;
  • Improved video quality;
  • Lower initial bitratereducing the initial waiting time for playback;
  • Better initial qualityavoiding visual degradation in the first scenes;
  • Less variation in video quality deliveredensuring a more fluid vision;
  • Reduced Internet data consumption.
  • May 10, 2022, Brazil. In this photo illustration a close up of a hand holding a TV remote control seen in front of the Netflix logo.

    Netflix introduced the use of dynamic optimization for videos 4K HDR in the first half of 2022, completing the process last summer. Currently, all titles 4K HDR of the Netflix streaming library have been updated with this new methodology.

    The update isn’t just limited to TVs 4Kbut also extends to compatible tablets and phones HDR e Dolby Vision HDR. Who can wait less to see videos in the best quality.

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