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Netflix punta al fitness, con Nike Training Club

Netflix has decided to launch himself into the world of fitnesswith a collaboration with Nike Training Club. A series of episodes to train following the rhythm of the Nike trainers coming the December 30th (although we think most people will put off until after the holidays).

Netflix e Nike Training Club, puntate in streaming per il fitness

The Nike Training Club app is one of the most used for those who want to stay in shape without joining the gym (or to complete their physical training). On the platform you will find a huge amount of exercises and training programs to follow, with one selection of video workouts explained by trained trainersthe. All free, so much so that it deserves an honorable mention among our favorite home workout apps (although keep in mind that you allow the use of data on the app).

The app’s best workouts will now make their debut on Netflix, turning your living room into a gym and motivating you to sweat from the TV screen. The streaming coaches will repeat it to you over and over again: the goal is to keep moving and have fun doing some sport that improves your health with a varied set of exercises. Almost all bodyweight exercises, with always a couple of coaches to show you the “facilitated” version of the workout, which invites you to always follow your own pace.

Netflix and Nike Training Club to keep moving (and fitness without obsessions)

Nike has done its best in the app to approach your workout so that it doesn’t become an unhealthy rush to a perfect physique, but a healthy way to exercise to feel healthy. The coaches explaining the exercises make it clear that sport is not just an activity for athletes or fitness fanatics. It can benefit everyone, but it must be faced with positivity, without impositions and obsessions.

So it looks like this collaboration for Netflix is ​​similar to the one with Headspace for meditation. One way to bring a more interactive service to its users, but also to offer meditation and fitness included in the streaming subscription: between sets, you can allow yourself a few minutes for your physical and mental fitness. On the other hand, apps like Headspace and Nike make their money hoping to find new subscribers: who will pay for the Headspace subscription or agree to share their data with the free Nike app.

Although perhaps Netflix could have avoided launching it on December 30, in the midst of the holidays: the suggestion of the streaming platform will seem like a way to make us feel guilty about panettone and pandoro. But by now we’ve all gotten good at ignoring Netflix’s suggestions, to wait to use the Nike Training Club exercises only when we’re ready to face them out of enthusiasm and not guilt!

The training programs

Also because the training programs do not (fortunately) use aggressive names such as “Lose your belly immediately” or “Sweat all the panettone”. Instead, they offer a mix of workouts cardio, HIT e yoga for all tastes. There is also a session titled “Feel-Good Fitness”.

nike training club min

Netflix explains that there will be two groups of “series”, training programs made up of a variable number of episodes. The first will come il December 30th with these programs:

  • Kickstart Fitness with the Basics (13 episodi)
  • Two Weeks to a Stronger Core (7 episodi)
  • Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga (6 episodi)
  • HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodi)
  • Feel-Good Fitness (6 episodi)
  • The others should arrive in 2023, although Netflix has not yet marked a date. To be honest, the text of the announcement does not mention an Italian release, but since there are no geographical indications of any kind, it seems to indicate a simultaneous arrival all over the world.

    What do you think? Toggle the binge watching sessions with bodyweight workouts will it become normal? And more importantly, it will help you motivate Netflix’s subscription price if, as it seems, the streaming giant Will it stop sharing passwords early next year? Let us know in the comments.

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