Netflix will block password sharing in early 2023

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Netflix will start blocking password sharing to watch your streaming service for free at Start 2023. The quintessential streamer says that over 100 million people in the world are using a friend or family member’s password to access the service. And although so far Netflix has looked the other way, it wants to stop the practice next year.

Netflix will block password sharing from early 2023

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is ​​taking into account the disappointment of users who share their password with friends and family. But to fully evaluate it, it seems that it wants to implement this practice a little at a time: There probably won’t be a hard date to block sharing worldwide.

Netflix would also have considered inserting pay-per-view content in your catalog, hoping this would limit password sharing lest someone else use the registered credit card. But this would the interface is too complicatedaccording to the company.

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Netflix has always had a policy against sharing the password, but so far it has not applied any restrictions for the shared use of the account (except in tests). It seems that to implement the rule I want to use i’sIP addresses mto there too device registration.

This news comes after the company lost subscribers for the first time in early 2022. In the meantime however it has introduced a new one subscription with reduced price and advertising, introduced settings for keep your profile data by switching accounts. THEIn sum, it paved the way for giving users alternatives.

This change was in the air and should be coming soon. But at the very least, users who share the password will be able to watch some Christmas movies before having to create a new account.

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