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Netflix: the video games section is available on Android

Netflix is ready to move on to the next stage regarding the introduction of video games on the platform, with the global launch of the section dedicated to them on Android, now officially available. Starting today November 3 all subscribers will be able to play a selection of mobile video games, even if iOS devices are still cut off from the initiative for now, as support for the App Store will come later.

Netflix: the video games section is available on Android

As we have already confirmed in the past, there are five games to choose from at the moment: Stranger Things: 1984; Stranger Things 3: The Game; Shooting Hoops; Teeter Up e Card Blast. In an official post, Netflix explained that since the Netflix Games section is part of the Netflix subscription, there will be no ads, no additional costs and no in-app purchases. Choice that we feel we can define more than apt.

The games are available in various languages, which largely reflect those also available on the streaming platform, so when you start playing the language preference that users have already set on their Netflix profile should be set as default. If your language is not available, the default will be English.

As for access, Netflix explains that members will be able to play on multiple mobile devices using the same account. There is a limit of devices but Netflix has not specified exact numbers. Different speech applies to the Kids profiles: “if you have set a PIN to prevent children from accessing adult profiles”, the post reads, “that same PIN will be required to access Netflix and play on a device.”

In short, if you are curious and have an Android device, we recommend that you take a tour in this new section dedicated to Netflix gaming. It is likely that the catalog will be updated in the coming months, given that Netflix has already declared its intention to focus strongly on the sector.

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