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The Woojer Strap Edge review: hearing the sound with your whole body

The world of entertainment and that of technology have always gone hand in hand and in recent years, both have experienced an unstoppable development. Although some slowdowns in the last period, not even a chip and component crisis can stop technological growth. The development of technology has always also spilled over into entertainment and within a few years, tech companies have created devices that until recently they could not even imagine. Among these companies we find the young Woojer, of which we have already spoken to you with their legendary Woojer Vest. In this review instead, we will analyze the Woojer Strap Edge, the second product of the company, more compact and economical but no less interesting. Let’s find out all the details.

Our Woojer Strap Edge review

Also in this case, describe me one describing to you the functions of the Woojer Stra Edge is not easy. In short (very short) it is a belt with which to hear music not only through headphones and therefore with hearing, but also through vibrations and therefore with your body. But let’s start with order.


The Woojer Strap Edge looks like a real belt with an elasticated harness, a closure system and the belt “buckle”, the heart of Woojer technology. Thanks to the versatility of the elasticated belt, we can position the Strap Edge where we prefer. In fact, it is possible to position it just like a belt at the waist, position the central body in the lumbar area or around the chest. The central body is none other than an Osci haptic transducer patented by the company itself, which we will talk about later.

What immediately catches the eye when looking at this Strap Edge, is the great attention to detail but above all to the materials. From the plastic parts, to the elastic to the more sophisticated ones, the Strap Edge proves itself up to any situation by also showing off an elegant and futuristic design. The typical colors of the company, gold and black, also return in this product.

Inside the package, in addition to the Wooker Strap Edge itself, we find a USB Type C cable to recharge it, a Jack cable, a practical fabric case and the equally useful guide. The latter will allow you to connect the device via bluetooth to a PC or a Smart TV or even a console, adapting to any needs.

Woojer technology

Woojer Strap review

The Woojer Strap will allow you to hear the sound not only with your hearing but also with your whole body. The belt buckle will give you feedback on what you are hearing in the form of haptic feedback. It is therefore not a trivial vibration, but a real reaction stimulated by the action that is taking place, whether it is listening to music, playing video games or watching a film.

As anticipated, the secret of this fascinating device is the Osci element. In short, it is a closed-circuit metal frame that forms the bearing body of some oscillating magnets. Frictionless movement ensures precise harmonic reproduction and reduces distortion. To further optimize the haptic sensation, the frequency response (Range of 1-200 Hz) is adapted by changing the cross section of the frame. Furthermore, the Osci actuator is designed to return the haptic vibration to the user in perfect silence, a very important and neglected element when it comes to devices of this type. The Strap Edge is therefore a way to go beyond the classic “listening to music with headphones”. We are facing a pioneer of 360 ° entertainment.

To support this great little tool, there is a 3350 mAh battery that guarantees up to 8 hours of use, on average and needs about 3 hours to recharge.

Our Woojer Strap Edge test

We had the Woojer Strap on trial for about three weeks during which we wore the belt in all conceivable scenarios, trying to clarify our own doubts. Like many of you, this reviewer was also quite hesitant about how this device actually works. An all too rosy prospect, combined with the typical distrust of pioneering new technologies, initially made us give up and then pleasantly proved us wrong.

Installing the Woojer Strap is really simple. Although there is no LCD reader on the main panel of the Buckle, the practical guide included in the package will be able to clearly explain how to connect the Wooker Strap to your PC or Smart TV via Bluetooth. After having recharged the Woojer Strap, connected to the chosen device and inserted, in the appropriate Jack input, your favorite headphones, you are ready to go.

The sensations that this belt (even if it is very simplistic to call it that), are really impressive and remember those that are perceived by being near a box of a concert or a disco. That small but effective vibration on the chest that also gives the sound a body that propagates on you. A new dimension of sound.

Woojer Strap: How Does It Work?

In addition to the power and bluetooth search buttons, on the front of the buckle we find 4 keys (a sort of cross pad) where you can increase or decrease the audio volume and increase or decrease the power of the haptic vibration. A vibration that is too low will not give you the satisfaction of perceiving it through your body while a vibration that is too high could, in the long run, be annoying. In addition to your personal tastes, the choice also depends on how you are using the belt, for video games, for listening to music and so on.

During our test we made the Woojer Strap an integral part of our Entertainment system, making it excellent in any situation. But it is with the world of video games that we and she have given the best. Haptic feedback is really tied to the gameplay we’re playing and every hit, every blast and even every step won’t escape the delicate technology of the Woojer.

As anticipated, keeping the robe worn for long hours can become demanding, physically or otherwise, you will need (as we did) a period of adjustment to understand how much to use it and how.

The review of the Woojer Strap in a nutshell

At this point, the question you will have asked yourself is: is this Woojer Strap useful? Our experience has revealed the beauty of this device, both aesthetic, technological, and avant-garde concept. Hearing the sound through your body is an experience to try and can give a more lively interest to our passions. It’s a new way to experience music and game audio like never before.

Therefore, if you want to give a twist to classic movie nights or video games, the Woojer Strap is the shock for you.

Prices and availability

The Woojer Strap is now available on the company’s official website for € 179. At the time of this article’s publication, there is an ongoing Black Friday offer with a 25% discount.

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