Netflix updates the app and highlights the user’s favorite categories

Netflix rinnova la UI dell'app per mettere in evidenza le categorie preferite thumbnail

Dallas, Texas/ United States – 05/10/2018: (Photograph of Netflix logo on computer screen)

Netflix continues to refine its applications to offer users the possibility of accessing new content in an easier way, thanks also to the system of categories. Among the new arrivals there is nuovo Category Hub che aims to guarantee users simplified access to the categories most in line with their tastes. Here are the details regarding this new to the Netflix UI.

Netflix introduces a novelty linked to the categories of its contents

The Netflix UI is always constantly updated. The applications of the streaming platform receive periodic updates to adapt to the needs and tastes of users. Recently, Netflix introduced a novelty represented by the Category Huba system that aims at highlight the categories of content most in line with the user’s tastes. This will make it easier for you to find new content to watch by directly accessing your favorite categories.

Small but important news

Making it easy to access content and discover new content to watch is very important to Netflix. The platform is called upon to continually renew itself having to deal with increasingly fierce competition. Lately, Netflix recorded its first decline in the number of subscribers which represents a small wake-up call for the future. The unstoppable growth recorded in recent years is likely to become a memory. The small innovations to the UI will be used to make the use of the app more pleasant for users who will be able, more easily, to discover new content.

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