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Summertime 3: the official trailer of the final season

Finally available the official trailer of the final season of Summertime, the original series from Netflix. Inspired by the novel by Federico Moccia, it will be visible starting from May 4th on the well-known platform

Diffused by Netflix in the previous hours, the official trailer of the last season of Summertime. Inspired by Federico Moccia’s novel, Three Meters Above the Sky, the final season exclusively only on Netflix starting May 4th.

Composed from 8 new episodes; the adventures of the young boys Summer, Ale, Sofia, Edo and Dario, will be accompanied by the unreleased song “Scossa” by Saint John. Vicenza singer-songwriter, known for his talent Amici and his latest participation in the Sanremo 2022 festival; will be present in the series in the steps of himself.

Produced by Cattleya; orBeyond the cast of the first two seasons (including Coco Rebecca Edogamhe; Ludovico Tersigni; Amanda Campana; Andrea Lattanzi; Giovanni Maini; Alicia Ann Edogamhe; Andrea Butera; Lucrezia Guidone; Romina Colbasso; Sara Mondello and Amparo Piñero Guirao), also join Cristiano Caccamo, (in the role of Luca); Stefano Rossi Giordani; Emilia Scarpati Fanetti and Ludovica Ciaschetti.

Among the leading actors, there are also Thony and Alberto Boubakar Malanchinotogether with Mario Sgueglia; Giuseppe Giacobazzi and Marina Massironi.

Summertime: the final “shock” of the season

A new summer season arrives at the gates of the Romagna Riviera, and with them even the big changes.

Summer is ready to live the season with the carefree never had before. Dario he receives a proposal that he cannot let go. Sofia she returns with the fear of now being a stranger to her friends. While Ale is prey to deep feelings of guilt …

New friendships make their way into the young group, and with them thereawareness of exploring oneself, one’s dreams and ambitions. The importance of bonding and the acceptance of a grown self will make it clear that – at times – really caring about someone can also mean giving up something of oneself.

The final season is directed by Francesco Lagi, Marta Savina e Alessandro Tonda. The screenplay is edited by Enrico Audenino, Luca Giordano, Francesco Lagi and Vanessa Picciarelli.

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