NETGEAR introduces the EAX12 WiFi 6 Mesh Repeater

Arriva il nuovo ripetitore Mesh WiFi 6 EAX12 di NETGEAR thumbnail

NETGEAR’s innovative new WiFi Extender guarantees high performance and is able to combine reliability, efficiency and speed.

NETGEAR introduces a new WiFi repeater

The range of Mesh WiFi Repeaters 6 from NETGEAR has a new entry: it is Mesh Extender AX1600 4-Stream WiFi 6 (EAX12). A practical and efficient solution for extending your home WiFi network. In fact, the device guarantees to better cover the living spaces and to avoid absent or weak connections. EAX12 is totally compatible with routers more recent than the current generation and the previous one, of any operator.

Using theapp Nighthawk it will be possible to configure the device quickly and easily. Just plug in your NETGEAR repeater, push a button and Nighthawk Mesh WiFi will be set up in minutes.
The family Nighthawk Mesh includes, in addition to the new EAX12, the models EAX20, EAX80 e EAX15. A range that is therefore able to respond to the most varied needs of users. All AX Mesh repeaters create a single and powerful network, which means that you can move from one point of the house to another without ever losing the signal or having to change the network.

The continuity of connection is given by the Smart Roaming, which allows you to intelligently connect mobile devices to the best performing WiFi network. In this way, even while moving around the house, navigation will always be optimized.

All the power of WiFi6

The Nighthawk Mesh extenders then combine the advantages of Tri-Band Mesh technology offering coverage and speed, and favoring a very high capacity management of the many connected devices, thanks to standard WiFi 6. The latter represents in this sense the currently fastest technology on the market, thanks to a capacity 4 times higher than the WiFi 5 standard. connect up to 40 devices at the same time without a decrease in performance, favoring the saving of the battery level of the connected devices.

The new NETGEAR EAX12 6 mesh WiFi range extender is available at all NETGEAR authorized resellers.