New Barracuda headphones: the announcement of Razer

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Today Razer announced the release of the new Barracuda headphones

Razerthe world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced the new Barracuda headphones e le Barracuda Pro. In addition, the company (click here for more information) has announced an update of the existing ones Barracuda X. The new family of stylish gaming headsets street is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to offer gamers the purest sound, whether at home or outdoors.


Equipped with the hybrid active noise cancellation technology (ANC), the Barracuda Pro offers the user an uninterrupted audio experience in any environment. These are the ideal headphones for intense gaming sessions that require maximum concentration. but they are also perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their music outdoors without outside distractions.

Using Razer SmartSwitch Dual Wireless, Barracuda Pro can be connected to two devices at the same time. It can seamlessly switch between the two as needed. This allows a user to play on their PC and, by pressing a single button, activate Barracuda Pro to answer a call without the need to cancel the connection between devices.

New Barracuda headphones: the announcement of Razer


All Barracuda models support connectivity Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless (2,4 GHz) e Bluetooth 5.2. These components ensure that high-speed gaming performance and Bluetooth convenience are optimized for mobile devices.

The Barracuda Pro is the hybrid headset that does it all,

He has declared Chris Mitchellhead of the division PC Gaming di Razer.

Whether it’s playing them at home or playing your favorite music playlists on the go, Barracuda Pro combines the convenience of lifestyle headphones with high-performance gaming capabilities. With the Barracuda you will be able to create an experience without compromise, enclosed in an elegant and premium design.

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