Thus TikTok ensures distraction-free scrolling

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One more update for TikTok users. According to TechCrunch, the platform is working to ensure users have a scrolling without distractions. These days, in fact, TikTok is testing the new option “Clear Mode”On a selected group of accounts. But what is it really about? Apparently, a mode that eliminates any distracting elements such as buttons and captions from the Feed, allowing users to focus only on viewing the content.

Clear Mode: TikTok tests a way to draw users’ attention to content

The TikTok App returns to amaze us once again. These days the platform is testing the “Clear Mode” option, in order to focus users’ attention only on the visualization of the contents. To show how the new mode will work was Matt Navarre, who shared a screenshot where the main screen shows up without usernames, captions, audio, and whatnot. And indeed, by activating the new mode on the App there would also be the possibility to delete the Like, the comments and the sharing buttons, so as to focus only and only on the videos shared by other users.

To activate the “Clear Mode” just hold the smartphone display, so you can start scrolling the main screen of TikTok without any distraction. A useful option especially for those who want to fully enjoy the content of their favorite creators. But not only. Often, in fact, the name of the user and the caption cover fundamental parts of a video, compromising the visualization. In this case, the “Clear Mode” option of TikTok will also be used to implement the quality of the content shared on the App.

In short, the strengths of this feature are not few. But considering that it is still in the testing phase, it is almost impossible to know when it will really be implemented on the platform. On the other hand, in recent weeks TikTok has been investing in many new functions that are different from each other, especially in view of its entry into the world of gaming. Before seeing the “Clear Mode” on our smartphones, therefore, we should wait a long time. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the idea of ​​scrolling free from any distraction elements.

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