New BMW 7 series, three versions and lots of technology

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BMW’s response to the Mercedes EQS was not long in coming and takes shape under the guise of the new 7 Series. The range also includes the BMW i7 which occurs clike the big electric sedan of the brand.

Impossible to talk about the new BMW 7 Series (BMW i7 in its purely electric version) without taking the Mercedes EQS as a yardstick. Two of the most luxurious sedans on the market already have their fully electric versions but are going their separate ways. If Mercedes has chosen to place the electric S-Class within its family, BMW chooses to offer the i7 as an additional version within the new 7 Seriesalthough included in his family “i“Exclusively electric.

BMW 7 Series here is the upcoming range

The range of the new BMW 7 Series which will be available in Europe consists of 2 versions:

BMW i7: the electric version will be available in all markets from November 2022.
BMW Serie 7 PHEV: Plug-in hybrid models will arrive in Europe in 2023 and include turbodiesel 740d xDrive, with 48 V light hybrid system; there 750e xDrive, with six-cylinder 3.0 petrol engine with 310 hp combined with a 200 hp electric unit; there M760e xDrivewith a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 380 hp, for a total of 571 hp and 800 Nm of torque.

The decision is, without a doubt, a reflection of the environmental policies of the European Union and its strict limits on CO2 emissions. Despite everything, BMW will continue to bet on pure combustion engines, as revealed a few months ago. Not least, it follows the line drawn by Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Market, who encouraged manufacturers to market these engines outside the EU.

New BMW 7 Series, top comfort for driver and passengers

One way or another, it is clear that the step towards electrification of the great German sedan cannot wait, especially in the European market. The BMW i7 will initially come with the “surname” xDrive 60, and will be equipped with a 400 kW (544 hp) engine, a battery with 101.7 kWh of net capacity to guarantee a range of between 590 and 625 kilometersthe. For its recharging, you can count on powers up to 195 kW.

new bmw 7 series retro

Later we will see an even more powerful option with the name of BMW i7 M70 xDrive, which will become the flagship of the range. These versions of the new zero-emission BMW 7 series will be accompanied from plug-in hybridization. Lhe BMW 750e xDrive will deliver up to 490 hp and the M760e xDrive will rise to 571hp. In both cases, the autonomy in fully electric mode will exceed 80 kilometers, as foreseen by the German government in order to benefit from state aid.

Although, without a doubt, the most surprising thing about this new BMW 7 Series is its “BMW Theater”. A 31.3-inch widescreen touchscreen in 32: 9 format with 8K resolution, Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system with integrated speakers in the headrests and subwoofer in the backrests as an option. An entire experiential space for rear passengers, who are truly the protagonists of this type of sedan.

bmw serie 7 i7 display7

The driver receives a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a central 14.9-inch infotainment screen in a single glass surface curved towards the driving position. The steering wheel opts for rounded shapes and leaves aside the hexagon chosen for the brand’s recent SUVs.

new bmw 7 series 1

These screens are accompanied by the so-called “Interaction Bar”Which brings together the ambient light, decorative elements, management functions and air conditioning vents in a single piece.

The new operating system also arrives BMW iDrive (compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), which now offers the ability to be controlled from the rear seats via 5.5-inch screens located in the doors. It allows you to choose between four indoor environments, enjoy video on demand with even YouTube integration and send content to the central infotainment screen. The driver will benefit from augmented reality navigation on the central screen and via Head-Up Display with renewed graphics.

bmw series 7 i7 2022 04 30

The infotainment section receives its updates remotely. The user experience with your BMW ID also includes the ability to take pictures with an internal camera that can be sent to the smartphone

Safety first

In terms of driving aids and safety, the BMW 7 Series will have level 3 automation and parking systems (in countries these are allowed) those that in the future will allow you to drive without paying attention to what is happening around the car. For other countries, level 2 autonomous driving is envisaged.

bmw series 7 i7 2022 04 40

As for the ADAS systems, we find the classic adaptive cruise control with emergency braking and collision warning. This activates “forward” detecting approaching vehicles when a left turn and nearby pedestrians and cyclists in a right turn. It also includes lane guidance assistant, maneuver assistant, speed limit automatic assistant, route control and traffic light recognition.

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