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New camera to be used on the Moon is tested in Europe

The new camera to be used on the Moon is tested in Europe thumbnail

For the next mission on the Lunathe astronauts will be equipped with a camera of new generation capable of taking photos on lunar soil. This new device will be tested in Europe, thanks to the collaboration of European astronauts and scientists aimed at lending a hand to their NASA colleagues.

The camera to be used on the Moon tested in Europe: the PANGEA program

The engineers behind the Handheld Universal Lunar Camera (HULC) – this is the official name – they worked with ESA in the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, Spain. This is to put the new camera to the test during the program PANGEA formation.

What is PANGEA? This is the program that prepares astronauts to become field scientists training for future missions to the Moon. In this context, the camera was tested in scenarios very similar to lunar ones.

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Electronic Field Book dell’ESA

During geological excursions, astronauts document their exploration work usingElectronic Field Book dell’ESAa tool that allows PANGAEA geology instructors to follow and support the crew from the science classroom.

The next generation lunar camera is built on the basis of one professional camera very sensitive to light and composed of cutting-edge lenses. To protect it, the camera will be covered with a protection that will allow the object to hold well, resisting dust and freezing temperatures. There will be sensitive and ergonomic buttons for astronauts who wear bulky gloves.

The camera to be used on the Moon tested in Europe: the lenses

Capturing images will be crucial for documenting scientific discoveries during future missions to the Moon. One of the objectives of PANGEA was to select the most suitable camera lenses. The camera will also record video. THE video they can provide situational awareness to ground teams and help document the exploration of our nearest cosmic neighbor.


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