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FIMI launches the X8 Mini V2 drone: here are all the features!

Let’s see all the features of the brand new X8 Mini V2 drone launched by the well-known brand FIMI

FIMI, a famous Chinese drone manufacturer, presented the new version of their famous X8 Mini drone. The name of the new model is X8 Mini V2, and if you look at it carefully, it looks identical to its predecessor. However, beneath the surface, there are some interesting improvements worth looking into.

One of the most important additions to the X8 Mini V2 is the reception of Galileo. This new drone now supports the Galileo satellite positioning system, as well as GPS, Glonass and Beidou. This means that the drone can determine its position more precisely, even when the sky is cloudy or with poor visibility.

Another feature that deserves attention is the upgrade of the radio signal transmission protocol. This news increases the operational range of the droneallowing it to fly up to 9 kilometers away from the pilot without losing control.

The camera of the X8 Mini V2 is equipped with one zoom digitale 6x, an exciting feature for aerial photography enthusiasts. With this zoom, you can enlarge images without sacrificing quality, opening up new possibilities for capturing breathtaking detail from above.

Furthermore, the camera sensor was improved, going from 1/2.6″ to 1/2.5″. This improvement means that the drone is capable of capturing images and videos in even higher quality than its previous version.

FIMI launches the X8 Mini V2 drone: here are all the features!

How much does it cost?

Now, let’s talk about pricing and availability. The FIMI X8 Mini V2 is offered in two versions:

  • Basic version at 299 euros.
  • Combo version for 499 euros, which includes an RC controller, an extra battery and an accessory kit.

The new FIMI X8 Mini V2 drone is an improved version of an already well-known and appreciated product. With Galileo reception, extended operating range, 6x digital zoom and improved sensor, it offers an even more exciting flight and aerial photography experience.

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