Nuovo Dacia Duster: tante novità per il restyling thumbnail

New Dacia Duster: many new features for restyling

New Dacia Duster: many new features for the restyling thumbnail

With nearly 2 million units sold in Europe since 2010 (of which 250,000 in Italy), the Dacia Duster it is a reference in the four-wheeler market of our continent. More and more motorists are interested in Dacia’s practical SUV, which is now making the debut of a new version. The restyling the Duster renews the project, enriching it with new contents.

The new restyling Dacia Duster makes its debut

The new Dacia Duster can count on today a restyling that updates various elements of the car. In particular, the exterior design is revised, with the front and rear light clusters, the new grille and the rear spoiler. News also for the interior where hard USB sockets are added in the rear and the integration of a second USB socket in the front is recorded.

The main renewal of the new Dacia Duster concerns the range of engines. The 6-speed EDC automatic transmission on the TCe 150 engine makes its debut in the list and there is an update of the ECO-G 100 engine which can count on an LPG tank with capacity increased by 50% capable of bringing autonomy up to 1,235 kilometers (considering petrol + LPG operation).

The new Duster range includes the following Euro 6D Full engines:

  • Diesel: dCi 115, 2 or 4 wheel drive, with 6-speed manual transmission
  • Gas: TCe 90 2-wheel drive with 6-speed manual transmission and TCe 150 2-wheel drive with 6-speed EDC automatic transmission
  • Bifuel petrol-LPG: ECO-G 100 2-wheel drive with 6-speed manual transmission

The launch offer of the new SUV

The range of the new Dacia Duster is now available starting from 12,950 euros in the Access petrol version. Italian customers will be able to choose between four different set-ups. The range is completed by the exclusive version Prestige UP, special top-of-the-range series that embodies the new UP&GO offer (with full optional equipment) arriving on the entire Dacia range. This version starts at € 18,450.

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