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New emojis coming to iOS

Good news for emoji fans. Just yesterday Emojipedia revealed all the new “smilies” that will be included in the update of iOS 15.4. While still in the beta, this one already has numerous surprises in store for Apple users, including a melting face, a greeting, and an icon of a (very) chatty lip biting mouth. So let’s go see which emojis we could use as soon as the update is made available.

iOS 15.4, new emojis are coming for users

From what we know, the new iOS 15.4 update should bring with it the release of ben 37 new emojis, whose first images were released as a preview of the Unicode Consortium, the body in charge of creating new smileys. To these are added well 75 skin tones for the Emoji set 14. But let’s go and see what will be the new smileys that we will be able to use in the coming months. First of all, the iOS update brings with it a smiley face that melts, one that greets, one that peeks out of one eye, one with the mouth diagonally and one entirely composed of a dotted line.

And, as if that were not enough, you will have the opportunity to use in your conversations the emoji of a mouth that moves its lip and also that of transparent bubbles. But iOS 15.4 brings with it many new features also with regard to hand emojis. The hands in the shape of a heart, the palm facing up and down, the index finger facing the viewer, and the hand with index and thumb crossed. And also a handshake update, especially when it comes to skin tones. And then again a slide on the playground, a nest – empty or with eggs -, an X-ray, a crutch, a dead battery, a life jacket, an identity card and much more. Including a troll, a pregnant man and an alga. In short, many fun emojis that we can’t wait to try with the iOS update.

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