New GoldenEye 007 objectives appear online: is the title coming back?

Nuovi obiettivi di GoldenEye 007 compaiono online: il titolo sta per tornare? thumbnail

TrueAchievements – which provides the details of the achievements of each Xbox title, as well as useful information on how to unlock them – revealed during the New Year’s holidays that he had “just collected a list of achievements” for GoldenEye 007, the fan favorite shooter. However his arrival must yet to be confirmed on Xbox Series X or Xbox One. What happen?

Is GoldenEye 007 coming back?

Without further details we do not know if GoldenEye 007 It will be a remake, a remaster or one re-edition and, for now, TrueAchievements has not yet seen the Microsoft Store. Interestingly, though, this latest list differs from the leaked and canceled GoldenEye 007 remake for XBLA that circulated last year.

2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of the shooter. Twenty-five years ago the seminal shooter debuted on the Nintendo 64, so the timing is certainly interesting. Particularly because Germany, after 24 years, removed the title from the list of “media harmful to young people”.

Usually banned movies and video games come automatically removed after 25 years, this time, however, it seems that the ban has been lifted following a specific request.

At the time, fans had speculated that the game could soon be added to the Nintendo eShop but nothing like this has ever happened. Furthermore ICYMI, a two-hour footage of the aforementioned GoldenEye remaster of 007, was leaked online early last year.

Many believed that Microsoft would remaster released in collaboration with Activision, after reaching an agreement with Nintendo. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped due to rights issues, even though Microsoft had already completed it.

We are therefore in a particularly strange situation. Is the title really ready to return? We do not know for sure: we do know, however, that the waters are stirring. In the meantime, if you want to know more, you can consult the TrueAchievements Twitter page.

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