FoolFarm launches two new startups: IIO and FIRE

IIO e FIRE: le due nuove startup dedicate all’IA di FoolFarm thumbnail

Over 500 Italian and international investors took part in the launch of two new Startups created by FoolFarm. Here’s what you need to know.

FoolFarm launches two new startups

FoolFarm Spa, the most important European startup factory in artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity founded by Andrea Cinelli, presented last Tuesday, at Superstudio in Milan, during the 5th edition of the Innovation Night, two new startups in artificial intelligence: IIO srl and Fire srl.

At the center of the Innovation Night the theme of revolution that Artificial Intelligence will bring to our everyday life and into the business of large corporations that was introduced by Andrea Cinelli, recently recognized by the American magazine Technology Innovators, unique among Italians, among the top 50 CEOs in the world in Artificial Intelligence.

The Italian answer to Alexa? IIo arrives

IIO, the first platform of Voice as a Service open, empathic and safe, a sort of Italian “Alexa” based on 3 patented technologies and 100% made in Italy. IIO has its heart in patented technology ACE (Adaptive Conversational Engine). This allows you to recognize people’s emotions from their voices allowing natural human-machine conversations. It can also be integrated into online applications and IOT devices, being completely open to developers from all over the world.

The IIo platform also integrates the technology Secure Voice based on the famous patented technology of “Pulverization of the data” by FoolFarm. In this way it ensures the highest levels of security and privacy for users both towards unpleasant profiling mechanisms and from hackers. Finally IIO launches the “Versa“, The” low-code “conversational templates that will allow everyone to be able to create voice applications through a 3D editor called”AND“And sell voice applications on the ‘ IIO Store, the “Versa” store. IIO was presented by CEO Velco Farina, top manager and former Startupper, returning after eleven years between New York and Silicon Valley.

FIRE: investing in the stock market will be easier thanks to FoolFarm

The second startup presented is Fire, the first Financial Engagement Platform which allows you to create, thanks to artificial intelligence, the first Financial Digital Twin, a “clone”Of the investor who will learn about their investment habits and profiles allowing for automated management of investment portfolios.

Fire is conceived as a community in which the “Firer“They can receive personalized news, exchange opinions, integrate their portfolios and investment apps allowing the AI-based system to learn about the user and assimilate characteristics and habits up to allowing them to manage in”autopilot”, Through the Digital Twin, its investments and finances efficiently and securely.

The launch of these two startups follows that of VoiceMe ( which has just successfully closed the pre-seed collection round at € 560k, confirming itself among the highest in Europe, confirming the confidence in the project.

Andrea Cinelli, co-founder and CEO of FoolFarm Spa, during the event

The presentation during the fifth edition of Innovation Night

The presentation of the new FoolFarm initiatives was held within the event Innovation Night, come to his fifth edition, which represents a point of reference in its sector in Italy and has highlighted the theme of Artificial Intelligence, the central technology of FoolFarm’s StartUps and which is revolutionizing the world of innovation.

Andrea Cinelli, co-founder and CEO of FoolFarm Spa he has declared:

“I am proud to be able to launch these two new entrepreneurial projects, investing in their realization right from the start, because I see enormous potential for development. A special thanks to the community of Angel Investors The Foolers Club who organized the Innovation Night which now reaches its fifth edition “.

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