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New highway code 2021, everything you need to know

Since last November 10, with the law n. 156 of conversion of the “Infrastructure” decree-law, the new 2021 highway code came into force, which amends and introduces various innovations involving motorists, motorcyclists and minors who use electric scooters. In order not to incur hefty fines and say “I did not know” (but as the famous adage goes, “the law does not admit ignorance”) when they stop you, take note of all the main news that are already active and subject to penalties.

New highway code 2021: motorists

The list of devices that cannot be used while driving has been enlarged: in addition to smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and “Similar devices which even temporarily lead to the removal of the hands from the steering wheel”.

New Highway Code 2021

Crackdown for those who park in places reserved for the disabled, with penalties that have been doubled from 168 to 672 euros while 6 points will be deducted from the driving license (previously they were 2). It should be noted that fromon January 1, 2022 those who have a disabled pass will be able to park for free in the paid parking areas or parking areas if those reserved for them are occupied or unavailable.

The special mark called “Pink permit”, which allows pregnant women and parents with children up to two years to use reserved parking spaces (permanently or temporarily) called “pink stalls”.

Parking in the spaces reserved for charging electric cars is also regulated. The stop is prohibited non-recharging vehicles and electric vehicles remain in space for more than oneNow after charging is complete. This limit for electric vehicles does not apply between 11pm and 7am with the exception of high power charging points, i.e. for fast charging (greater than 22 kW and equal to or less than 50 kW) and ultra-fast (greater than 50 kW) charging.

News also for those who have to take a driving license. The pink sheet now has a duration of 12 months (up from 6) even when the state of emergency due to the pandemic ends. In addition, the driving test for the B license it can be repeated 3 times (before they were 2). And new drivers will (finally) be able to drive for the first year from obtaining the driving license B, a car exceeding 55 kW / t and maximum power equal to 70 kW as long as it is next to it, “as an instructor, a person not older than sixty-five, with a driving license valid for the same category or higher, obtained for at least ten years “.

Those who hire a car or rent a car will eventually have to pay the penalty incurred, to the delight of the companies that were previously called to respond personally. Some doubts about this rule have been raised by the Municipalities, especially on the difficulty they might encounter in notifying the sanction to a foreign driver who does not live in Italy.


The main novelty of the 2021 highway code for motorcyclists it concerns the penalty to the driver if his passenger does not wear a helmet, regardless of his age. The previous legislation sanctioned the motorcyclist only if the passenger was a minor.

Service “taxi ”is now extended to motorcycles and cycles (scooters, motorcycles and bicycles) while before it was only allowed to cars. Each Municipality is called upon to regulate the introduction of these new vehicles in its own territory of competence.


Due to popular demand, it was finally decided to introduce specific rules on the use of electric scooters. First of all, it becomes mandatory to wear a helmet if you are under 18 years of age, and to this (for everyone) the obligation to use a reflective vest is added. The text specifies that “from half an hour after sunset, during the whole period of darkness.

Electric scooters that will be sold from 1 July 2022 must be equipped with direction indicators, brakes on both wheels and “Stop light” on the back. Current owners of electric scooters without this new equipment will have until January 1, 2024 to adapt.

New Highway Code 2021

The text specifies that scooters they cannot circulate on the sidewalks, where they can only be accompanied by hand, and, fortunately, they cannot circulate in the wrong direction. But now they can circulate “wherever the circulation of cycles is permitted”And not only on urban roads and, outside the city, only on cycle paths, as required by the previous legislation. To be able to travel on public roads, they must be equipped with light solid white or yellow anterior of solid red light rear, rear reflector.

The speed limits also change: if the 6 km / h limit in pedestrian areas remains valid, in all other areas the 25 km/h 20 km/h.

Particular attention should be paid to scooters with elements that do not comply with those indicated in the text, such as a rigged motor or speed regulator. they will be confiscated and an administrative fine ranging from 100 to 400 euros is paid.

Finally, for everyone, it will be necessary to be more careful when approaching a pedestrian crossing, as now the text reads that precedence must be given to those who are crossing and to those who are about to do so.

The entire 2021 highway code with all the news is available on the website of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility

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