New live action TV series on Disneyplus: Gargoyles – Heroes Awakens

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It seems that Disney is keen to revisit old glories in live action format and is now dusting off the Gargoyles – Heroes Awakening series

The tireless Disney is working on a new live action project. However, in this case, it is not a rewrite of an animated classic, but of a television series. The most nostalgic of the 90s will probably remember the cartoon broadcast on Rai entitled Gargoyles – The Awakening of the Heroes. According to what was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that it was at the behest of the house of Mickey Mouse those stone creatures will have to awaken again. Gary Dauberman, screenwriter of Annabelle and other horror hits, will write and be the showrunner of the Gargoyles series.

New live action TV series on Disneyplus: Gargoyles: Heroes Awakens

The original series and live action Gargoyles

The original animated series, which was broadcast on Rai 1, Rai 2, and Toon Disney narrated the adventures of a clan of ancient Gargoyles, led by Goliath who lived and fought in contemporary New York City. The series, created by Greg Weisman, arrived on the small screen in a period of innovation in the field of animation, so as to be able to ride the wave of other programs with more complex plots and darker tones. Disney had never tried to revive the series in other formats, however it had attempted to make a film about gargoyle creatures in 2010. A project that was then shelved given the box office disappointment of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, released in the same period.

The plot will revolve around Goliath, the last of a heroic race of gargoyle warriors who once lived among humans. When he is freed from the centuries-old curse that turned him to stone, he will struggle to solve the mystery of his past as he watches over New York City. of the present day together with police inspector Elisa Maza. When the series comes out it will be possible to find it in the Disney+ catalogue.

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