New Mazda sports car: green light for work in February

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Work on the new Mazda sports car is ready to start and will begin in February, soon we will have the new Mazda model with the rotary engine on our roads: confirmation comes from the President and CEO at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show was held and at the event the President and CEO of Mazda has launched an announcement that all sports car lovers have been waiting for: work on the new Mazda sports car with rotary engine. Not only are we now eagerly awaiting the new Mazda MX-5 Spirit Racing Rs, now Masahira Moro has dropped another bomb announcing yet another model. The last rotary engine car dates back to 2012with the RX-8 Spirit R. A few years later, in 2018, the R&D team responsible for the rotary engine also disbanded. In 2023, however, he returned as range extender in the range MX-30 and now the Wobble is about to officially return.

New Mazda sports car: green light for work in February

The promise of the president of Mazda on the new sports car

The CEO of the car company Hiroshima Masahiro Moro took us all by surprise when al Tokyo Motor Show announced the return of the rotary engine in the new car, revealing that on February 1st a new team of engineers will begin working on the development of a new generation of rotary engines. The team of highly professional engineers who know what they are doing will join forces to tackle theera carbon neutral. The Japanese company is really excited about the new engine car Wobblethe CEO focused on praising the rotary engine, which in his words, will work more like a generator rather than as an engine.

On the screen, during the presentation, they also illustrated some of the already known technical specifications: 4.18 meters long, 1.85 wide, 1.15 high and a wheelbase of 2.59 metersall in a complex of 1450 kg. The president then called the new car a compact dual motor, with first-rate performance. The coupe will be big enough for two people and their luggage. At the moment we just have to wait for more updates on the new car, which we hope to reveal to you in the coming months.

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