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New Mercedes Brabus Rocket 1000, a real rocket!

The German company has just presented its new Mercedes Brabus Rocket 1000, and why they decided to call it Rocket will amaze you!

There are 25 examples that Mercedes has produced, born from the development of the AMG-GT. This new car is well equipped 1.000 Cv under the hood and a speed of 316 km/h. In short, it’s truly amazing, it seems that Mercedes wants to recover what was done in Formula 1 and give power even to non-drivers, who will be able to drive this car as if they were on a championship track. With these characteristics it practically becomes a rocket, in fact it is no coincidence that the German preparer Brabus he called it right Mercedes Brobus Rocket 1000.

New Mercedes Brabus Rocket 1000, a real rocket!

The Mercedes Brabus Rocket 1000 flies like a rocket!

What makes this car different from other sedans are the aerodynamic appendages eh unique carbon fiber details, making it one of a kind and making it stand out in the Affalterbach sports division. In addition to the large wing, the Kevlar wheel arches, the four rear exhausts with carbon fiber terminal details and the monobloc alloy wheels that show the carbon-ceramic brakes and hide the generous tires also stand out. They have put obsessive care both in the electrical unit and above all in the Mercedes-Amg V8 engine. In particular, the Twin-turbo petrol has been increased in its displacement up to 4.5 liters and 157 hp more. This has led to a notable increase in torque which stands at 1,820 Nm, 320 more than the 1,470 version.

Speaking of the battery, it is made in 6.1 kWh lithium ion which allows the car to drive on electric power for approximately 12 km. The Rocket 1000 is offered at 450,000 euros plus taxesis a hybrid coupé with four doors and four seats and Euro 6-d emissions and is capable of sprinting 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds and to reach the 200 km/h in 9.7 seconds Twin turbo. To reach the 300 km/h instead it only takes 23.9 seconds. In fact, the car was born as extremes of the Mercedes-Amg GT 63 E Performancefrom which it takes the setting but in addition has a track width of 67 mm and differs in some external and internal details. In particular, the passenger compartment has been enriched with customizable elements, made with luxury materials.

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