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New PlayStation 5 models spotted in Australia

New PlayStation 5 console models have recently been spotted in Australia and, like previous PlayStation iterations, they carry new model numbers. These new editions – the digital console CFI-1202B and the console with CD player CFI-1202A – do not present external changes, but internally they are lighter.

New PlayStation 5 models spotted in Australia

As he stated Press Startthe PlayStation 5 Standard lost another 300 grams and now weighs 3.9kg. The Digital version instead it is lighter than 200 grams e weighs 3.4kg. Although Sony hasn’t revealed any plans for one PS5 Slimthat didn’t stop a YouTuber from trying to make his own Slim version.

Lo YouTuber Matt Perks accepted the challenge and created one PS5 elegantly slimeliminating the Heatsink and using a copper shell in which he placed all the internal components. Don’t mind the massive water cooling system plugged into the back of the TV, of course. To find out more, you can see the video above.

If on the one hand the PS5 console will be lighteron the other hand your bank account will have to lose a lot of excess moneyespecially if you live in one of the many markets hit byprice increase of the new next-generation consoles. Sony attributes to global economic challenges e all’unfavorable trend of currencies responsibility for rising retail prices in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and parts of North America, even if the United States was spared.

In response to this move by Sony, Nintendo announced that the prices of the Switch will remain unchanged – despite rising production costs. Microsoft has also confirmed that at the time he has no intention of raising prices di Xbox Series X e Series S.

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