Instagram fixes the Reels audio bug

Instagram punta sui contenuti originali e bandisce il repost thumbnail

Good news fromApps on Instagramwhich recently fixed a bug that it removed the audio from the Reels downloaded from the edit screen. A problem that has had a huge impact especially on iOS users, and for all those creators who are used to using Reels as a shooting tool and then exporting content to other platforms, such as TikTok. Fortunately, a platform update last week fixed the bug, and made users happy and content.

Instagram: App fixes the bug of the missing audio in the Reels

“Due to a bug, Reels’ download function does not work as expected for iOS users and, in some cases, audio is not present in downloads”, so Its Kim, a spokesperson for Meta, had reported the problem to The Verge about a couple of weeks ago. As anticipated, the bug prevented users from downloading videos with audio from Instagram Reels and then sharing them on third-party platforms. A problem that is quite worrying for creators, so much so that the Instagram App immediately set to work to solve it.

Last Friday, in fact, Seine Kim announced that the bug was officially fixed, thanks to the launch of a new update. Now users can finally use the Reels feature to create their own video, download it – complete with audio – and share it wherever they like. In this way, creators can take advantage of the Instagram App editing tool, which has interesting additional features compared to that of TikTok. Such as, for example, the possibility of using the green screen during the recording. In short, everything is back as before. And you can continue creating videos as you please.