New Pokémon Snap: how to get 4 stars with Pidgeot

Let’s see together how to get the maximum score, or 4 stars, by photographing Pidgeot in the very recent New Pokémon Snap

Pidgeot was originally regarded as one of the rulers of the heavens, last evolutionary stage of that Pidgey that every player could easily find at the beginning of the adventure. In New Pokémon Snap will not be outdone: that majestic air that has always characterized this Pokémon of the normal / flying type, you will find it in the exact same way in the new spin-off title by Bandai Namco. So let’s see together below how to get 4 stars by photographing Pidgeot in New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch.

New Pokémon Snap: 4 stelle per Pidgeot!

Although simplistic in nature, Pidgeot is a very creature lonely and does not like the company of others (and for this reason it will be one of the most difficult Pokémon to get 4 stars with in New Pokémon Snap). Those who have the opportunity to venture into the new region of Lentil will notice it very easily: in New Pokémon Snap, in fact, his behavior will give a very good idea of ​​his being shy.

  • 1 Stella: To get the one star image, just take any photograph of Pidgeot. Whether he is resting on the ground or flying around is indifferent.
  • 2 Stars: While he is on the ground walking, what you will need to do to get 2 stars is to use the Scan function. Pidgeot will be taken by surprise and will turn his head towards you, giving you one of the most sinister looks you will ever see in a Pokémon. Take a picture of him at that moment and that’s it.
  • 3 Stars: Getting 3 stars with a photo will be a bit more difficult than the first two. The photo is to be taken in the Floreo Natural Park by day: first of all, you will have to annoy him with enough Fluffy apples. When you have succeeded, he will take flight to move to the top of a tree that is near a body of water. Pidgeot will be there waiting for his pedra to come out: the unlucky Pokémon will be Magikarp, which, once released, will be grabbed by Pidgeot’s claws. Your task will be to take a picture of Pidgeot holding Magikarp in his clutches.
  • 4 Stars: This is one of the most complicated photos to get in this first stage of New Pokémon Snap. First start a run in the Floreo Natural Park, but at this tour at night. At the beginning of the stage, you will find a Pidgeot that will fly in the air over a herd of Buffalants: throw some Soft Apples, for the Winged Pokémon to come down and eat them. Once full, it will squeal with satisfaction and fly away. He will reappear towards the end of the stage, near the area where Hoothoot is: he will land right in front of you, forcing you to stop the vehicle. Pidgeot will begin to make noises of appreciation towards you, and at this point you can take the photo to get your coveted 4 stars.

New Pokémon Snap: how to get 4 stars with Pidgeot

Note that if you can’t find one of these specific situations that allow you to get a higher number of stars, it may be that the problem is yours. research level. If you can’t find the specific moment for what you are looking for, keep taking photos on the stage to unlock each level of research and complete your own. Fotodex.

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