New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Pichu

In this short guide we will see together how to get four stars with Pichu in New Pokémon Snap, the latest spinoff of the beloved Nintendo series

In this new and short guide, we will understand together how to obtain the Four Star rating with Pichu inside New Pokémon Snap. The new chapter of the famous Nintendo series turned out to be a very successful title, but to get the maximum score it requires you to photograph the various pocket monsters in some particular moments, making it more complicated than expected complete the game 100%.

Things to know before collecting Pichu’s four stars in New Pokémon Snap

Before finding out how to get the Four Star rating with Pichu in New Pokémon Snap it would be interesting to introduce this cute creature, which it definitely is one of the most popular with fans of the series. Pichu is a very expressive and cute pokémon, which precedes Pikachu in the evolutionary scale. It is about a small creature who loves to play with other pokémon of the same size and who loves to hide in hard to find places. Precisely for this reason, here are the steps to take to photograph it at the right time and in the right place:

  • 1 Stella: To get it, just take a photo of Pichu under any circumstances. It is usually easy to find at Floreo Natural Park, while playing with Grookey.
  • 2 Stars: At the beginning of the first Stage, by day, Pichu and Grookey can be found on the right side of the road, as they walk and mind their own business. Using the sound of the Scan, or the noise of the zoom, both Pokémon will take on an air of surprise, perfect for our shot. Photograph them at this juncture and you will have obtained the score of 2 Stars.
  • 3 Stars: Towards the end of the same Stage, you can see on the left side a large cluster of flowers. Pichu is hiding right in there, so throw one Soft Apple to get it out. To get 3 Stars, you need to take a picture of him just as he has just landed on the flowers, facing the player.
  • 4 Stars: To get 4 Stars you will have to perform an action very similar to the one we have just seen. The difference is in the timing. You will have to photograph Pichu as he enters the scene, before it lands on the flowers. Taking this picture may take a few tries, but in the end you will get it right.

New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Pichu

Remember that by increasing the Research Level in each Stage the creatures may behave differently. If you have trouble recreating the perfect situation for a shot, this is probably the reason. To increase the Research Level, continue taking photos in a specific Stage. By doing so, you will be able to complete yours Photodex.

Well, here we are at the end of this guide. If you have followed our guide step by step, you have probably taken the shot not bad photos. The profession of a photographer, it seems, is difficult even in the world of Pokémon, but he is always able to give a lot of satisfaction. For other guides on New Pokémon Snap, you could take a look at the special section of our site. If, on the other hand, you want to buy one of the games of the series at a competitive price, take a look at Instant-Gaming. Thank you for following us and stay on the pages to always be informed about the world of technology and video games.